2017 WordPress Blogging Tips for SEO

2017 WordPress Blogging Tips for SEO

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Somerset SEO Services and Google WordPress Blogging

Here’s how I help companies in Somerset with SEO when they own a WordPress website. I take written content and tweak for search engines.

There’s no one better to write about your business than yourself.

When I rewrite your content this is what keeps kicking your keywords and geographical areas up in Google organic search results.

Writing a new blog post should take between 30-60 minutes depending on the material you choose to feature. Some people find this easier than others and I’m here to help guide you through your homework so I can tweak for SEO.

Nina’s Top 10 Tips for Blogging and SEO

  1. Your blog post doesn’t have to concentrate on your business all the time – who wants to read about window cleaning once a month? Inject a little local news, or welcome a new member of staff. Talk about a new product that’s helped your business such as a new vehicle, an equipment investment or an event you’re attending later this year.
  2. Settle down with a cup of tea – or maybe something stronger? You’ll need at least 300 words for Google SEO, however please write more if you can. The more the merrier!
  3. ‘Cheat’ with someone else’s article – We know that breaking copyright rules is illegal, however if you credit the original source to an article you can copy and paste that text, even amend it to suit as long as you say something like “The original Google Analytics article can be found here” at the bottom of the page is perfectly fine.
  4. YouTube videos – Do you have mobile phone footage that you can upload to YouTube? Maybe a demo? Maybe a walk around the office or a movie of your welcoming reception area. Google owns YouTube so this is an SEO trick not to be missed.
  5. Before and After photos – Are you in a skilled industry such as a plumber, plasterer, builder or property maintenance? Just 2 photos can light up your blog post, plus when I add an Alt tag and rename the image with your keywords this is another Google SEO green tick ✔
  6. Customer Reviews – Everyone loves to read a success story so from your existing client base simply ask (or bribe) your current client base for details of how you helped them, or review a product or service.
  7. Industry News – Newsletters which land in your inbox can often be the perfect starting point to apply this news to your business. Is there a new 2017 product launch that will benefit your clients? Tell them how.
  8. Trade Shows and Exhibitions – Many events take place over a few days annually, if you are attending, speaking or have a stall then this is the perfect time to invite your customers to meet in person for a catch up.
  9. Cross Promoting – Do you work closely with another company? One huge benefit of cross promoting is that a well written article on your blog recommending their products or services will often be shared by them, increasing Google’s trust as your blog gains more views and clicks.
  10. Focus on Geographical Areas – It’s easy to Google search and compile a list of geographical towns and villages in your service area. Write about why your customers should choose you and include as many local areas with aesthetics in mind.

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