Basic Keyword Research

Basic Keyword Research

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How To Choose The Right Search Phrases For Google

Often when people learn that they need SEO for their website they have no idea what to target in Google. In my experience this takes 30 minutes minimum to discuss over the phone and can take up to 45 minutes – based on my experience with in-house SEO training.

Some people call Google search phrases “keywords” or “key phrases”, there’s also “target phrases”.
However you describe your target traffic search phrases here’s how to begin.

SEO work or training cannot start without key phrases and it’s common for an SEO quote be only for the work and tasks to carry out, without a personal 1-2-1 discussion about how to make money in Google by agreeing on the search phrases beforehand.

It’s one thing to pay $5 for a keyword suggestion spreadsheet from someone online, but in the end that’s all you get, just a spreadsheet with the keywords and an invoice, very impersonal don’t you think?

Freelance SEO UK – Hire Me For An Hour

Please send a message with your website address to begin.

You can read my reviews on People Per Hour and purchase online here. Note: Please do not buy before messaging me in advance so I can schedule you in my diary.

My keyword discussion is service combines SEO tools plus the human element based on logic and how you are going to make the most money and profit.

► 60 minutes of my time in total (15 minute audit and 45 minutes discussion)
► Allowing me access to your Google accounts so I can see your data
► Looking at your data I can audit and determine how to help and formulate points for discussion
► I will create a Google Drive cloud document so we can both view/edit at the same time
► Please tell me what you want to achieve – More enquiries? More online sales to your ecommerce store?
► Analysis of visitor data
► Keywords discussion based on your initial ideas plus competitor research
► Consultation over the phone or Skype video chat discussing your goals

Freelance SEO UK - SEO Lady Nina Payne Freelance Training UKCreate a Spreadsheet – Verify SEO is Working

Before SEO work starts check your current rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after work has been carried out you can see what changes have happened to your Google rankings.

Freelance SEO UK Google Search Engine Optimisation70 Free SEO Tools from AHREFs

Looking for a list of free SEO tools that will help you to work faster and smarter? Then look no further.

ahrefs bigseo thread


In this post, I’ve consolidated the suggestions and split them into three categories:

  • 15 well-known free SEO tools;
  • 38 lesser-known free SEO tools;
  • 19 “freemium” SEO tools

I’ve also included a few of my own favourite tools along with suggestions from our customers.

Click here to read the list.




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