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A food processor maybe not required, but it the benefits include saving you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. A Food Processor is probably going to be your most versatile piece of equipment as it can slice, grate, chop, knead and mix.

Cooking for the family in this ever more demanding world is difficult so for any serious chef or indeed anyone who cooks for a larger family, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Which Food Processor Do I Choose

There are dozens of them on the market, and they range in price from €50 to €500+, but we would recommend getting the largest one that your budget can stretch like the Magimix 5200XL. Not only can the Magimix 5200XL do larger batches but given that it comes with three bowls sizes, if you are making something smaller you can simply use the smaller bowl size which is provided.

Something to consider when choosing a food processor is also the power of the motor, choosing a cheaper one may work out well in the short term, however, if the life span of the food processor is short due to the lack of power in the motor, it will undoubtedly need to be replaced again and again. We all know that quality does not come cheap.

Checklist Before You Buy A Processor

Ensure you have enough space in your kitchen, they can be bulky items. If the food processor is stored in a cupboard and you have to take it out every time, it may put you off using it in the long run. Having it plugged in and ready to go is the best way. You could go with a smaller and less expensive option, but you will find in the long run that if you go for a slightly larger and more powerful one, then you will see the benefits in the long-term.

The best type of food processor will always have the blades sitting very close to the bottom of the bowl. If the blades sit higher, then this means it becomes less efficient when cutting, slicing and indeed mixing as small amounts remain untouched at the bottom which can be bothersome.

Get To Know Your Food Processor

Now that you have purchased your food processor, one of the first things you will have to get used to is not to over-do it. Now most food processors have a pulse button which helps a lot. Knowing how powerful and of course how efficient your food processor is, will make it easy for you to judge how long to run each cycle for.

What Features Help In The Kitchen

One of the most common uses of a food processor will no doubt be chopping. It can chop through half a kilo of onions in a matter of seconds which will save you lots of time – and of course the tears.

Other tasks are also very quick such as making breadcrumbs and also making stuffing. Your food processor can also mix and create purees as well. For example, every chef knows it’s hard to make home made pastry, with a food processor you can get this right every time. Apart from that, it can grate through a whole chunk of cheese in no time at all.

The newer food processors in the market have a variety of different attachments and the Magimix which we like at have several attachments depending on the model such as the juicer attachment and the smoothie maker as well. Combining several accessories make getting a food processor an even more attractive investment for the home.

Do Food Processors Have Limitations

There’s not much that food processors can’t do but also remember that while it is versatile, the appliance will never replace dedicated machines such as a Vitamix blender which when it comes to blending will be the best in class. For some items, you may just find depending on which food processor you have that doing it yourself with a knife will give you the best results.

Choosing the right Hand Blender or Food Processor can be difficult. Why not read our guide to help guide you as to which one may suit your needs.


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