£150 Free Adwords Voucher

£150 Free Adwords Voucher

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Hire Me To Set up Your New Google Adwords Account

►►► £300 Adwords advertising for £150 ◄◄◄
Offer valid in the UK for new accounts less than 2 weeks old, or no account and I will create for you in Adwords MCC. You will need to provide payment details on the day of creation.That’s around a £10/day budget for 1 month. Call / text 07786 391 875 to chat.

£150 Voucher Valid Until March 2015

Virtual Adwords Training Skype Video Nina Greaves 1weekSEOPay your first month’s £150 bill and £150 credit will be applied to your account to use whenever you want to use it (you may suspend your ads or change your daily budget with this credit no problem).

Click Here to send me your website URL so I can perform a quick audit for free.

✓ Adwords account which is less than 14 days old
✓ You want to open a new account and spend £150 in your first month
✓ Geographical campaign e.g. Plumber in Bristol

Google Qualified Partner

Adwords Training Bristol 1weekSEO Digital Analytics Fundamentals Google Certificate 2013 OctoberFor a flat fee I will create a new account or optimise an Adwords account. Suggested new accounts hitlist of tasks and 7 day marketing plan and support.

✓ 1 Adwords campaign
✓ 2 Ad Groups
✓ 3 text Mobile targeted ads for Google Search
✓ 3 text PC / Desktop targeted ads for Google Search
✓ 20 different key phrases in each Ad Group
✓ Geographically targeted
✓ Bookings being taken with as little as 24 hours notice
✓ £150 Credit applied to your account when you have spent £150
✓ You may suspend advertising when your credit is applied and use later on

✓ INCLUDED: 7 day support from creation with Google Analytics linking and reporting, verifying in Google Webmaster Tools and documenting ROI over this initial period.

Please contact me in advance so we can chat – the Adwords setup fee varies as every website is unique. The costs range between £150-£300 for complete setup, keywords research and advert writing, dependant on how many campaigns and keywords you wish to target.

What do I need to get started?

► Google login or Manager Access to Adwords via my MCC account
► Website URL
► Landing page(s) URLs for the adverts (Products/services)
► Geographical town / city to target
► Your suggested keywords or phrases
► Your daily budget spend
► If you are opening a brand new account you will need to provide payment card details to Google

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