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Here’s 4 reasons why you should not delve into SEO with misconceptions you can rank for a 2-keyword SEO competitive Search Phrase.
  1. Websites already ranking on Google page 1, position 1 have been there for 10 years or more. If you have a new domain under 2 years old you’re effectivaly asking for the moon on a stick for a few hundred quid
  2. Domain age is important, it’s my job to manage your expectations. It’s easier to rank for longer phrases then when you have £pound signs in your eyes and think you’re going to be a millionaire Rodney
  3. Google has proven that there’s long tail search terms with ZERO CLICKS so it’s hugely important for you to target phrases that no one else would think of
  4. Particularly effective with eCommerce and brand new websites that are only a few months old

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