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Google Chrome and HTTPS January 2017 Important Update

Avoid Google Chrome Browser Warnings with https

Do you have an ecommerce website that takes payments? Chrome will soon mark non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields as Not Secure in the URL bar.

Don’t take payment cards on your site? At present you are fine, but the SEO world is leaning towards the view that in the future all websites should be SSL / HTTPS so please bear this in mind.

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HTTPS Offer for £50 one-off fee

James and I have worked together since the formation of UKwebpromotions many years ago, indeed he’s my go-to WordPress Developer and is based locally to me in Somerset. We have meny mutual clients – any design / dev work I send his way, and in turn any SEO clients with a new website he sends to me.

James has a 2017 offer of £50 to install SSL via Cloudflare. You can send a message here [2] (Remember to tell him Nina sent you please!)

What Chrome Warning Can I Expect?

When the Not Secure state is shown, the DevTools console shows the message This page includes a password or credit card input in a non-secure context. A warning has been added to the URL bar.

Resolve warnings

SSL certificates allow you to secure the connection between your web site and your web site visitor’s browser. This allows for the safe and secure transmission of important information such as credit card data. SSL connections are a must for any PCI compliant website.

In addition to basic encryption security, SSL also allows you to convey your reputation and credibility to your site visitors. Utilising our OV and EV SSL certificates your companies authenticity will be independently verified and messaged to your web site visitors, boosting confidence in your website. Reputation and confidence is key for all online sellers; trust relates directly to sale conversions. Many hosts charge an annual fee [3] for this.

Cloudflare SSL and HTTPS

I’m not a tecnhnical website developer so this coding task is placed with my associates over at UKwebpromotions in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset – however you can always email me should you wish to discuss in more detail, or talk to me about any other SEO related task.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

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