Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps Optimisation

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5 tips for a high Google Maps listing

Google Maps are a sure fire way to propel your website to the coveted page 1 spot, you can do this by completing your Google+ Business Page and verifying your website together with address and telephone number.

Once verified you will start to jostle with your competitors to climb up the leaderboard – but are there any ways that you can help your rankings with Google Maps?

Postcode is key. For example, a window cleaning company in Birmingham may not have 100% optimised their Google+ Business profile, but remain at the top of the tree as they are smack in the centre of Birmingham. That’s postcode related – and there’s no way to trick Google by having duplicate listings.

Here’s 5 tips to ensure you optimise your Google Maps listing:

1 – Ensure your categories are fully optimised for your business.

Edit your categories by typing keywords of the services you offer, then look at the drop down bar of available categories provided by Google. Your primary category should be your primary targeted keyword. You can choose as many additional categories too, so go to town and add everything that’s relevant to your business.

2 – Check your address and telephone number are correct

If you have an established business, Google may have picked up your information from years ago, but hey! You relocated your office a few months back and changed address. Google+ is very popular and is forecast to be the focal point for sourcing a local supplier so check the basics are in place.

3 – Social Media now crosses over with Google SEO

Yes I have my verified page thank you. Social media? Sharing things online? I don’t know what to say so I won’t bother. Big mistake. Regularly share and post information on your businesses Google+ Page. Share other G+ articles by +1 and share your own web pages by installing share buttons in your website and +1’ing them a few times a month. Use #Hashtags.

4 – Optimize and hyperlink your Google+ About section

The ‘About’ section of your Google+ Page is crawled by Google so passes valued link juice to your website domain. Take time over a cup of tea (or two) and compose a quality, keyword optimised section about your business, the services you offer, and your knowledge in the industry.
Open up with a sales pitch, as longer descriptions are shortened. Hyperlink your target to relevant pages in your website. This is called ‘Anchor Text’ and this passes link juice to your website, helping your organic listings, increasing your authority, Google+ Page and overall measure of trust online.
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5 – Map Sniping

Unconfirmed reports have tested the ability to report a Google+ map listing that’s been scraped by Google and not verified by the owner. If the entry is flagged as ‘Moved address’ or ‘Business has closed’ the theory is that the listing will be deleted. Google can still decline your suggestion, and deleting the Google Plus page will not delete the Map listing. Murmerings of this tactic are simply rumours, but I will end with this interesting theory and ask you to contact me with your opinion.
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