Google’s Algorithmn Is Ever Changing

Google’s Algorithmn Is Ever Changing

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Google’s Algorithmn Changes Daily

Google’s Algorithmn is constantly evolving, and here’s a neat little ‘Google Weather Forecast’ from our friends over at MOZ.

Weather provided by MozCast

The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google’s rankings changed.

Now Your First Wave of SEO is Complete – What’s Next?

Clients who invest in a 30-day comprehensive SEO booster schedule from me will no doubt be pleased with the organic results their website has achieved – what’s next?

I’m Google Page 1 – Isn’t That It?

Unless you are in the top 3 results on Google page 1 then you need extra work to push you up in rankings of a few hours per month. Here’s why:

Average overall Click through Rate on Page 1 of Search Results by InFront

  • Page 1 Average Result 1                    29.6%
  • Page 1 Average Result 2                    13.1%
  • Page 1 Average Result 3                    9.2%
  • Page 1 Average Result 4                    6.5%
  • Page 1 Average Result 5                    4.9%
  • Page 1 Average Result 6                    3.6%
  • Page 1 Average Result 7                    3.0%
  • Page 1 Average Result 8                    2.6%
  • Page 1 Average Result 9                    2.2%
  • Page 1 Average Result 10                  2.1%

What is more, only 8.5% of web traffic makes it past the first page. When broken down, each page receives the following traffic (and it is fairly safe to assume that a percentage of page 2, 3, and 4 visits are SEO professionals doing research):

  • Page 1             91.5%
  • Page 2             4.8%
  • Page 3             1.1%
  • Page 4             0.4%

SEO must be continued to retain your rankings. You may experience the ‘Honeymoon Effect’ whereby your website jumps up significantly in rankings, it’s not unusual for my methods to demonstrate Google rankings in the top 2-4 pages for a website that was previously invisible and not ranking in the top 10 pages of Google.

However – this may not last. By resting on your laurels and refusing to spend any further budget on internet marketing and blogging with SEO in mind, your website will drop.

View Past Algorithmn Changes in Google with Algoroo

Clearly, no one can predict what changes lie in the future with Google (with the exception of Mobilegeddon) but you can see the past fluctuations with Algoroo

Algoroo Ranking Tracker

How much to pay for ongoing SEO?

SEO results directly correlate with investment.
The minimum amount of hours for SEO would be 2 hours work, for best results 4 or 5 hours per month is the recommended amount of time for local geographical SEO.

For ecommerce shopping websites this really does need to be doubled as everyone wants to sell online and be Google page 1, so competition is fierce! Often companies will use my services as an ideal alternative to employing someone in house part time, and simple wish to pay me a day rate.

Be assured of retaining rankings with ongoing SEO – I really can’t stress this enough, it’s sad to see people investing around £500 for 30 days of SEO and then refusing to pay any more for monthly SEO services to save budget. Your competitors are above you because they invest in SEO.

Keep Up The Good Work – Don’t Be This Lady

SEO FrustrationIt’s a tough cookie to crack when clients come to me once a year to tell me their rankings have dropped and expect me to fix for a few quid.
You’ve already invested a lot of money in the SEO 30 Day Booster … please don’t go away for 6 months then expect me to be able to fix in 24 hours when your website starts to slide down SERPs.

You’ll need to re-invest all over again – this can be prevented with the right business decision of investing in your financial future online with ongoing monthly SEO from the start.



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