Client Testimonial – AJ Specialist Welding

SEO Freelancer UK Nina Payne Testimonial – AJ Welding

When I was first contacted by Keith from AJ Specialist Welding back in 2017 and I saw his website it was immediately clear that this was going to be a very big SEO project.

Most people I meet haven’t had any SEO exposure, so to explain SEO to a welding company was going to be a tough cookie over the phone, so an on-site visit was required in Coalville, Leicester.


“Our website was always at the bottom of the pile of things to improve, quite simply because our business had grown over the years by referrals. We realised our outdated website looked poor compared to our competitors and we had not had a single new enquiry via the website since it’s launch in the year 2000.


With Nina’s help she rebuilt the website and constantly bullied us for photos and new page content. The website went live 3 weeks ago and even in the first wave of SEO we’ve already had 2 enquiries from brand new clients as we climb the rankings in Google. We are happy to recommend Nina”

It was clear from the get go that Keith is extremely proud of his business, I fired question at him after I found out they have a workshop that operates almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are the kind of facts you need to shout about on your website – it’s all good being at the top of Google, but if you have an outdated website with a lack of information then people simply won’t contact you.

Website live since 2000 – Zero enquiries in 17 years

Keith told me that since the website was live back in the year 2000 they had never had an enquiry – not one. All of their work was coming through referrals or networking in the construction industry events. That’s 17 years online without a single enquiry.

Can I help you with SEO?

Looking forward to learning about your business

    Google Analytics not installed

    I couldn’t even look at past visitor data as Google Analytics was never installed! Time to roll up my sleeves and deliver some bullying straight talking. I wrote up a shopping list of requirements, I wanted pages and pages of content, I needed new photos, updated company branding – banners, logos and I built a new WordPress website. The new website went live on 6th September 2017.

    After a few weeks I contacted Keith to ask about the website – within the first couple of weeks he had 2 enquiries. The website was starting to rank in Google for keywords based around his fabrication services and I was over the moon for him.









    Write A Lot Of Content For Google

    AJ Specialist Welding has a hard working team not only in the workshop, but in the office, with my persistent insistence they delivered SEO ready copy for the website which was 400 words for the home page and 250-350 words for each page thereafter (Services, Blog, About) and after 2 months organic results were showing that Google was ranking the website for “Abrasive Wear Plate”.

    Marketing a Website – Enticing Copy

    One of my general rules of thumb is to add the company contact information at the top of the home page – something like “Call Nina for SEO Training on 07786 391 875 or send a message on the Contact Form“. This is marketing, a clear call to action, but what if Google isn’t ranking you, you are not getting visitors to market to, nor any enquiries?

    Ongoing Monthly SEO for the Construction Industry

    SEO for this client is ongoing and will take many many months to rank as they have such a diverse range of services:

    • Chute Work design, manufacture and installation
    • Abrasion Resistant Chrome Carbide Wear Plates
    • A Frame design, manufacture and installation
    • Specialist Bespoke Welding Repairs and Problem Solving
    • Digger Bucket Wear Packages – Hot stone elevator buckets
    • Line-Boring Mobile On Site services UK Nationwide
    • Wheelwash manufacturing
    • Fabrication and Specialist Welding Projects
    • Plasma Profile Gas Cutting services
    • Manganese Hard Facing to increase throughput
    • Dust Suppression of fugitive dust in processing of bulk ores, coal, stone, sand and gravel




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