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I’m celebrating 13 years of SEO experience in 2021, from my early days of being an employee for Funky Pigeon personalised cards in Bristol to becoming self-employed and working from my home office based in Weston-super-Mare. My first involvement with SEO training sessions was back in 2009 when a web development company in Ireland hired me to fly over to Belfast to train their team of 10 website creators with the basics of Google Search. We had been working together for 6 months and it was clear that I was repeating myself with every website launched so it made sense to train the whole office in person.

Remote SEO Consultations via Zoom and Skype £70

My business has evolved so much over the past decade, my SEO training methods have also evolved to keep up to date with the ever-changing algorithms that Google rolls out. Some tasks that I taught 10 years ago are now classed as grey hat, or just plain ineffective. Every day I’m accessing parts of the internet to discuss events and changes in Search – from marketing forums to international threads on Reddit right down to discussing the nitty-gritty with a select few SEO’s I know personally.

Digital Agency Developers – If you are a developer or a Digital Agency then I can schedule in a 15-minute telephone call within 3 working days at no charge.

SMEs and Sole Traders – I use jargon so if you don’t understand what a H1 is then you will need a paid consultation for 60 minutes. I can’t explain 12 years’ experience in 15 minutes. Take a look below for free online SEO advice, I’ve been writing articles for 20 years!

FREE SEO Advice, Tuition and Explainer Articles

My SEO Consultation cost of £70 qualifies you for a 5% discount on my 30 Day SEO Booster for £500. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation slot send me a message today.

Each week I receive around 10 enquiries via People Per Hour or my website from SME’s and Sole Traders, the most common question is “When can you call me for a quick chat?”.I’m not in a position to offer free telephone advice to 10 people a week. This is why I offer a 5% discount on my 30 Day SEO Booster when you do book a £70 remote discussion.

Free SEO resources for you to learn in your own time

  • Get the kettle on and watch a 60 minute YouTube video of one of my live SEO Consultations in 2020

Business Mentor FAQ Website Ranking Coach with a Google Analytics Audit

My £70 remote consultation sessions are tailor-made for each individual need and are relaxed Q&A sessions lasting between 60-90 minutes for SME’s and sole traders that openly confess to knowing nothing about Google/Bing search. A quick 10 minute telephone consultation serves to confuse clients all the more if their SEO and jargon knowledge is scant. If you tell me that you’ve had some previous SEO work carried out then you will need to summarise the different on-page and off-page SEO tasks that were carried out so I won’t duplicate these areas. If you don’t know what SEO tasks have been carried out and you suspect you’ve been paying for nothing, I’m sorry this is more common than you could ever realise.

What SEO topics would you like to discuss? 

  • Selling online – eCommerce costs for WordPress, Shopify, or Magento 2
  • Blogging for ranking improvement – How many words of content does it take to rank in Google?
  • Domain migration – How to migrate without losing Google rankings
  • Website redesign – A consultation before you start the process to retain Google rankings
  • Search phrase bombing – Following a website redesign all my Google rankings have disappeared – help!
  • Keyword research (target phrases) – For new websites. Also as part of this is competitor research
  • KPI’s and benchmarking in Google – Searching online today for your target phrases, what page and position does your website currently rank at?
  • DIY SEOTuition for absolute beginners to intermediate
  • Digital Agency SEO – White label SEO services from myself
  • Local SEO services – A cleaner in Coventry, a dog walker in Durham
  • When I carry out my Google audit for you I will prepare a cloud document listing all the points for discussion.

Free Google Audit with Recommendations

    Once I have completed my Google Analytics and Search Console audit I will send over a Google Drive could document detailing my observations and recommendations to fix. Even Digital Agencies fail my basic 10-point audit.


    Sales and Marketing experience since 1999, specific SEO skills since 2004. Owner of SEO Lady Ltd providing Internet Marketing to companies in UK and internationally in a broad range of industries. Small Business Specialist, onthly eCommerce digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation one-off projects such as domain migration or how to retain Google rankings when a complete website redesign is in the planning stage.

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