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Book a free Google Analytics and Search Console audit – click here Small Business Free Google Audit. Schedule a 20-minute telephone conversation with me for a discovery call. During our discovery call you’re able to verify my identity and we can both get a feel for what it will be like to work together.
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All SEO Company Bristol UK Freelancer WordPress eCommerce and Local

I wrote this 1,900 word blog post in 4 hours and I was aiming for the search phrase “All SEO Company in Bristol” as I noticed for the last few months in Google Analytics that there were people searching online for those words. Before you start writing for Google search you must decide on a phrase beforehand. Go to Chrome Incognito (or Safari private browsing) and search for your phrase and note down your position. For example, before I wrote this article I searched online for “All SEO Company in Bristol” and I wasn’t ranking in the first 10 pages of SERPs.

FREE Google Analytics and Search Console Audit + Recommendations

Take a look at today’s SEMrush Google Algorithm status below, on the left hand side you will the the categories that are most affected which means volatility and SERP ranking positions will have the most potential to either drop in Google, or bump up a page to a higher position.

Send me details about your website today and I’ll conduct a simple 10-point Google Analytics and Search Console audit with a list of what needs fixing. 99/100 clients fail my audit.


    SEO Freelancer UK eCommerce Nationwide – Google Ranking Case Study 2020

    Interior design website – Lorna Syson is a freelance wallpaper designer whose products are stocked by John Lewis UK Nationwide, including Great British bird designs like the RSPB teal blue lampshade in my front room. My cat’s name is Ozzie – who is affectionally referred to as my Office Manager.

    Lorna Syson and I began to work together in early 2020 and in the space of 4 months her revenue smashed previous monthly turnover. Read my eCommerce WordPress Google Ranking Cade Study.

    My domain is 12 years old next year, and I’m turning 50 so with age comes trust and confidence. Google trusts domains more as they get older and garner trust with viewing your website through the eyes of it’s ever-changing algorithm with over 220 points which birthed the invention of my 30 Day SEO Booster with zero contract.

    Here’s a run down of some important ranking factors, both on-page with content sculpting, to off-page with my exclusive Video SEO backlink strategy.

    1. Page title: Most important keywords first. Avoid your brand name. Use your target search term at the beginning.
    2. SEO-friendly URLs: Most important keywords first. Use your target search term at the beginning.
    3. H1 and H2 headers: Use your target Google search term and most important keywords first, avoiding your brand name.
    4. Skyscraper content: Write 1,000 words or more. Read my Writing Skyscraper SEO Tips blog post and view my SEO eBook.
    5. Backlinks from other websites and internal links with keyword-focused anchor text.

    Prices and SEO Costs for Local Bristol and eCommerce Google Ranking

    Here’s a brief roadmap of your SEO journey and cost breakdown:

    1. Initial SEO audit and Google Consultation – £70
    2. 30 Day SEO Booster – £1000 flat fee 
    3. Monthly ongoing eCommerce SEO – £560 booked as 2 half days a month (2 x 4 hour sessions) – or –
    4. Local SEO geographical radius targeting (non eCommerce) villages/towns/cities from £140
    5. For all websites we can target a free Google Featured Snippet which is usually in the form of a question.

    Skyscraper SEO Content – Extra Long Blog Posts of 1,000 words or more

    How long will it take to write 1,000 Words For SEO? So you want me to tell you how many hours it takes me to write a 1,000 word article and you can magically rank your website to Google page 1. SEO does not work like that, just one skyscraper article isn’t an overnight success, you really have to take time to dedicate to creating new SEO sculpted content consistently. Let’s ask the real question: How long would it take an inexperienced person to write 1,000 words versus a professional SEO content writer with over 2 decades of online experience?
    Hiring an SEO copywriter to write search engine skyscraper content that’s 1,000 or more words, 2,000 would be awesome – but just one article won’t help your search engine rankings.

    Monthly SEO and Website Promotion – Google My Business Included – Are You In SERPs? Here’s A Workaround for FREE

    What is SERPs? SERP is an established acronym in SEO circles, quite simply, it stands for “Google Search Result Page” so when you type “SEO Lady” into Google, this search term will display results. Of course, everyone wants to be at the top of SERP on Google page 1.

    Google my Business Reliable Management – Monthly Website Marketing Added Feature

    If you’ve got a new domain under 18 months of age it’s unlikely you’ll be ranking without employing an SEO you should get yourself a verified Google My Business page and keep it updated at least monthly. if you’re not sure what a Google Business listing website is, the URL will end in – Here’s mine:

    The Google search results page is the top “home page” for your business and reputation. When Google detects a search is about your brand name, it provides a summary of the key information about your business, plus your profile is prominently displayed on the right-hand side of a desktop computer.

    Searches on mobile phones will simply show your Google My Business account, however, on landscape tablets and large screen devices like a laptop, will serve you with additional company information and Google blog posts. See my reviews and current blog posts by searching for “SEO LADY” and you will see something similar to this on the right hand side of your screen:

    Google my Business Promotional Posts – Free and Effective Website Marketing

    When your information is incorrect or out of date (or completely missing – you don’t have a Google my Business verified account), you make your competitors the first choice and your brand will suffer. Why? Because people unconsciously blame the business for the wrong information, not Google.

    Case Study – Google my Business 2020 – How Google Got it Wrong

    When COVID-19 hit the UK in March of 2020, it didn’t take Google long to systematically mark a vast percentage of businesses as “Temporarily Closed” which in principle is logical. If your business stayed open and Google had automatically marked you as closed, it’s easy to login to your GMB (Google My Business) account and manually override. It’s also logical that business owners who don’t have the knowledge, or the time to keep on top of their GMB listing then the people that had this knowledge would profit at the expense of your bottom line.

    GMB Examples of 2020 – My personal experience

    • A mobile beauty company unable to reopen her GMB after she missed the fact her listing had changed from “Temporarily Closed” to “Permanently Closed”
    • Swift Google action when a client’s website went offline for just 16 hours. Google automatically removed the website URL from the GMB listing
    • 2019/2020 several locally targeted companies fell off the Maps Top 3 Pack as others had garnered more Google reviews in quick succession
    • Book your free 20 minute SEO chat below:

    The solution to avoiding all of these incidences: Hire the Google Girl Nina Payne to manage your GMB as part of your monthly SEO contract

    Back in 2013 I was certified in Google Analytics and Adwords (now Google Ads) so I’ve been in the game a long time. I’m celebrating my 50th birthday in 2021. I’m one of those girls that’s always got access to the internet in my hands. I may not reply to your email at 5am, so don’t be surprised to receive a notification on your phone that the SEO Lady has been in touch. If you would like some one-on-one training then how about Zoom Video training?

    SEO Training Zoom Google Consultations and Adwords Content Writing

    I have been training people over Skype and Zoom using screen sharing for 12 years. I offer this specific service to people who want to book an SEO or Marketing training course at short notice or Google Ads landing page optimisation and content writing for maximum conversion rates.

    Zoom Google Analytics Training and Website Ranking advice

    Send me your website URL for a free audit

      Google Analytics and Ad Campaigns Optimisation by Zoom Skype or telephone

      Delivering an SEO training day recently, I had a question about Google Analytics training. I asked what the goal was, and the short answer was “I don’t know. I just don’t understand Google Analytics. I want reports to show me sources of traffic, how people buy and why people buy”

      Book a few hours with me and I will demonstrate in an easy to follow session how to understand Google Analytics, setup automatic email reporting from a custom dashboard, how to set up that dashboard in the first place with all your favourite features, and ensure you have your accounts setup correctly – including linking to the correct Google Webmaster Tools property.

      Adwords Landing Pages Paid Traffic Conversion Optimisation

      WARNING: Never set up an Adwords account for the first time DIY. Over 7 years 100% of all my clients that have tried Adwords themselves have WASTED MONEY by not following the correct procedure to target relevant traffic, paying for irrelevant clicks that do not convert.

      I offer a paid traffic content writing writing service and Google Ads account optimisation at a cost of £70/hour. One landing page for paid traffic conversions takes between 2-3 hours depending on the industry.

      Flexible Pricing, Summary, Reporting, Homework and 7 Day Support

      The hourly Zoom/Skype training rate is £70/hour and all Zoom/Skype training sessions include a 7-day follow on email Q&A support. As it’s impossible to predict how much time you will need I will invoice after the session is complete, email over a summary of our conversation, reports from Google and a list of tasks for your homework for us to work on together.

      Adwords isn’t right for every website. Research before you hand over your payment details.

      Google says out of 100 clicks that 3 people on average will convert – e.g. Pick up the phone to call, or send an email enquiry, or make a purchase.

      Therefore the services you want to advertise you should be aware of the Adwords costings per conversion. Below is a rough estimation:

      Essentially 50p per click x 100 clicks = £50 so it follows that 3% of people should convert so £50/3 = £16.70 cost per conversion (sale). Some clicks are £2 each = £50/ conversion.

      Some reasons why Adwords does not convert include:

      • The landing page is not specifically marketed and optimised for new visitors from Adwords
      • The 4 second marketing rule applies, impress or digress
      • You are not paying for [exact] match keywords, only broad match keywords
      • Low priced product (Under £50)
      • Your ads are running 24 hours a day
      • You can’t split test as you don’t have 6 adverts
      • You can’t split test as you don’t have mobile – specific adverts
      • Are Adwords and Google Analytics Linked
      • Are your conversions recording accurate data
      • Is there a contact telephone number unique to Google (if required)
      • High competition keywords / phrases
      • Low search volume
      • Irrelevant search terms
      • Tracking / ecommerce is not accurate


      Sales and Marketing experience since 1999, specific SEO skills since 2004. Owner of SEO Lady Ltd providing Internet Marketing to companies in UK and internationally in a broad range of industries. Small Business Specialist, onthly eCommerce digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation one-off projects such as domain migration or how to retain Google rankings when a complete website redesign is in the planning stage.

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      Somerset and South West SEO services - face to face visits for all local clients initially - monthly website promotion packages and blog content optimisation. Wordpress expert.

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      I'm as close as your mobile phone.
      Invite me into your office via Skype and share your screen so I can accurately direct your mouse to allow you to learn in double quick time.
      Remote Google Analytics and SEO training consultations and freelance digital marketing services for most UK websites.

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      30 Day SEO Booster package from £500

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      SEO FAQ – When Interviewing a Freelancer Here’s What Questions To Ask

      • What experience do I have with WordPress?
      • With eCommerce websites selling UK Nationwide do you have case studies?
      • Do you work with Magento 2, Squarespace, Shopify and Big Commerce?
      • I know nothing! What are search phrases? Please explain
      • Google Analytics is a mystery – it scares me
      • What is Google Search Console? Why do I need it?
      • We have been ripped off and we are wary of hiring our next SEO individual
      • Are your reviews genuine? Can I call your clients?
      • Do you offer SEO training? How many hours would it take to teach me?

      Every month I receive 40-50 requests for a quick chat, which is why I offer the upgrade to Zoom business mentoring sessions for website owners who need SEO explaining which takes 60-90 minutes.

      Zoom SEO Consultations – Business Mentor Website Advice

      A Digital Marketing company will offer you free advice over the phone, as a self-employed individual that’s not my business model. As a freelancer, my costs are lower when compared to hiring a marketing team which is why I charge £70 for my Google SEO consultations.

      How Much is SEO – eCommerce UK Nationwide vs Local Google Ranking

      Free Google Audit + Recommendations

      I will send you a list of recommendations on how to correct errors in Google Analytics and Search Console that you’re probably not aware of. 99 out of 100 clients fail my basic audit – even Digital Agencies.


        Sales and Marketing experience since 1999, specific SEO skills since 2004. Owner of SEO Lady Ltd providing Internet Marketing to companies in UK and internationally in a broad range of industries. Small Business Specialist, onthly eCommerce digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation one-off projects such as domain migration or how to retain Google rankings when a complete website redesign is in the planning stage.

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        Yahoo Answers Will Shut Down in 2021, on May 4thWhere has Yahoo! Answers gone? It's…

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