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SEO Results Directly Correlate With Investment

Investment in SEO Over 3 Months – Why £50 Cheap SEO Is A Waste

Often on People Per Hour I will see jobs with the budget set of £50/£100 a month for Google page 1 SEO. I’m writing this blog post to outline why this is not achievable as this is a very common scenario for companies with an extremely low marketing budget. “I don’t want to spend more than £50 a month” “Tell me how long it will take for me to get to Google page 1?” – I can’t work magic for £50 which is 2 hours work? “I was let down by my old SEO company after 3 months I hadn’t achieved anything” – This is your fault not the SEO you employ. So you don’t have the budget but want Google page 1 results? You can’t have your cake and eat it. If you were paying someone £50 for SEO then it’s entirely expected you won’t get any organic results at all. This is why I decline to quote jobs where budget is low. You have wasted £150 over 3 months and think the SEO person you employed is lacking – when in reality it’s you that are lacking the common sense and basic business skills to realise that investing in your company’s future can be bought for less than a HDTV. I don’t risk my reputation by working for 2 hours a month as I am not going to prove results and then the client would think I am rubbish and just taking their money for nothing. Click here for the guaranteed increase in rankings 30 Day SEO Booster

Champagne Taste and Lemonade Wallet

Websites that are brand new are always at a disadvantage as Google measures trust by the age of a domain – a domain has more trust when it reaches 2 years of age. SEO work on brand new websites will take 6-12 months to rank in Google and there is no promise of Google page 1. SEO at £100-£200 a month is a reasonable cost AFTER an investment of 20 hours over 30 days at around £1000. Don’t spend less on your first wave of SEO. “I paid an overseas company £100 as they offered me so much! Now I feel let down as I didn’t get the results I expected” “More work will come your way if you can prove the work you do gets me ranked in Google” – Carrots like this are emailed to me regularly in messages from People Per Hour – these are always disregarded. I have built my reputation on achieving SEO results but for a reasonable cost. If you paid me (or any other SEO) £100 to target your keywords and you don’t see an improvement, wouldn’t you think that you have wasted your money? I am unable to take on work at such a low budget as my reputation would be at risk. Read my reviews on People Per Hour, and independent reviews from my direct clients. There’s no reason for me to discount my services just like there’s no reason for you to discount your products / services if a customer emails you about your prices and offers to pay 75% less than the list price on your website.

When I get SEO Results I’ll Pay You More Nina

That’s not how SEO works. It’s actually the reverse – You need to pay for more SEO time first, once you start ranking then the payments decrease. SEO TIP: Save your money for 6 months and formulate a plan of action and a realistic budget. What results would you expect for under £20?
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