How to SEO Optimise Your Video on YouTube

Everyone knows how essential SEO is to promote websites in Google and other search engines such as Bing and Duck Duck Go. Not everyone knows that Google owns You Tube – did you?

Your Google account has a wealth of free tools and access to many features ready for you to take advantage of at no cost; including a Google blog, Webmaster Tools, Google My Business, YouTube and more.

When looking to implement an SEO strategy it’s optimal to keep all of your accounts under one umbrella login with Google, to enable linking Analytics to Google Webmaster for example, as well as optimising your Youtube account to it’s full potential.

Video SEO Basics

  • Begin with your personal Google profile (or business/brand profile), adding a photograph of yourself, and completing all information fields such as your website URL, your business keywords, where you are based and a company description of your products and services.
  • Login to Youtube and choose a username – remember to use keywords if possible as well as your company brand e.g. DjDaveBristol or QuickPrintLeeds. Careful – once you have chosen your channel name you cannot change or amend so check for typos before you submit.
  • When you login to your Youtube account, even if you have no videos uploaded you are able to SEO your channel. Fill in your Keywords and Information tabs in your profile, again using your website URL, your business keywords and company description.
  • Post to your Channel Feed, perhaps linking to a blog post or to the homepage of your website or even to a favourite video.

Upload Your First Video

I use two tools as I am not a logo designer or trained video editor – so you can too. Try Canva the free online editing software, or use your company logo and images and make a slideshow video on Windows Movie Maker. If you have Windows then you will have this software already installed on your laptop or computer. You can also use any mobile device to record videos or a slideshow movie and upload directly from your tablet or smartphone.

You’ll have your own channel in under an hour fully optimised and ready for your new stream of viewers.

  • Title: Optimise your title with keywords and not your brand name. People who already know your company will find you easily in Google, what you need to do is attract people who are unaware of your brand – so remember to title your video with great keywords relevant to your industry and the demographics you are looking to attract.
  • Description: Always start with your website URL preceded with ‘https://’ and now repeat your video title, and add a longer description if required
  • Keywords: Add your keywords one at a time, separated with commas. Avoid stuffing your keywords into repetitive phrases like ‘music mastering’ ‘cd mastering’ ‘studio mastering’ ‘online mastering’ simply choose ‘mastering’ ‘music’ ‘cd’ ‘online’.

Now you are ready to share your video with your friends and connections using social media.

Embed YouTube Videos for SEO Strength

Further SEO benefits can be obtained by embedding your video using the share and HTML feature in Youtube to add to your website or blog. Google loves it when you use their products and Youtube videos in Google are 50 times more likely to appear in search results when people search in Google for your keywords and company brand.

outube is the world’s 2nd most used social media channel, also it’s a superb learning tool.

Always ensure the content is unique, engaging and contains a clear sales call to action.

Videos of 3 minutes long or more will have a better chance of ranking if you have time to dedicate.

People will share your video if it’s funny or simply well produced, increasing brand awareness and also backlinks. You never know – it may go viral!


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