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Shopify eCommerce SEO case Study

The feeling of taking on a new client via your website contact form is a positive and validating one, when a famous brand of chocolatiers get in touch for SEO help, well, what’s not to love about fresh, handmade chocolates?

Rumsey’s handmade chocolates were established in the 1980’s and are a proud family-run company boasting 2 cafes, one in Thame and one in Wendover.

In the series of Midsomer Murders, the ‘Picture of Innocence’ episode featured Rumsey’s Chocolaterie in Thame located in the heart of the fictional village of Luxton Deeping. When filming was taking place, Rumsey’s chocolate cafe was transformed into Madrigal’s camera shop.

Fun fact: Rumsey’s Thame chocolate cafe hosted both John Nettles and Neil Dudgeon as the show’s lead character Chief Inspector Barnaby. When the filming was complete, the founder and master chocolatier, Nigel Rumsey, created a brand new recipe of the “Barnaby Bun” in celebration – and it’s still on their menu today.

Google Search Terms for Rumsey’s Chocolates

I’m sure you’re already aware of the search term I’m ranking for on page 1 of Google, this is a big wow factor for many prospective clients, if I’ve done that for myself, she can do it for me, kind of thing.

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SEO Lady Client Testimonial

Rumsey’s Handmade Chocolates is a family-run company, we were established around 20 years ago. We now have two chocolateries where you can see the fresh handmade chocolates being made, whilst enjoying a hot chocolate or something delicious to eat.

We had been selling our chocolates online for a couple of years but in 2020 this become even more important. We wanted to promote that our chocolates could be ordered on our website to be sent by post, and searched online for an SEO Freelancer as opposed to a Digital Agency as we wanted someone who was highly specialised.

We found Nina at the top of Google rankings.

Sometimes a client will genuinely have no idea where to start, and this was Rumsey’s. Historically, they have attracted good footfall in both chocolatier cafes, and as a result, have sold thousands of chocolates to take away over the years. With Lockdown #1 in March 2020 the family held an urgent business meeting, and with very good reason.

  • No one knew how long their cafes would be closed for
  • The buzzword ‘Pandemic’ was new to everyone
  • The eCommerce website had been live for over a year but sales were low
  • To save the business there must be a shift in priorities, from cafe footfall to internet sales

eCommerce Google Ranking – Target Search Terms

November/December 2020 – The client was extremely keen for me to work as soon as I possibly could. There was a high sense of urgency to cash in quickly on the Christmas chocolate keyword related traffic.

SEO Work Starts with Keyword Benchmarking

Before work starts a list of search phrases was compiled. Then, I taught the client how to benchmark:

  1. Open a new Chrome Incognito window. You can also use Private Browsing in Safari, Firefox or any other browser.
  2. Incognito and Private browsing strips your internet search history, cookies and data. This enables you to search for results (Search Engine Results pages, or SERPs) which will be listed for both parties to get the same results.
  3. From the list of target search terms copy and paste the first phrase on the list and paste into, the aim here is to note down the Google Page and Position Number before SEO work starts.
  4. Once SEO work has been implemented, this will provide the baseline to demonstrate how we the target search terms are performing in SERPs

Shopify SEO Google Ranking in 30 Days

You can see below that before SEO work started the date was the 12th November, 2020 and the Google rankings were benchmarked on this date.

Compare them with 4th December 2020, or if you fancy – check them yourself today! You’re looking for the domain

Chrome Incognito12/11/2020
Handmade Christmas Chocolates Delivered UKn/a
Artisan Christmas Chocolates Delivered UKn/a
Handmade Chocolates UKn/a
Handmade Christmas Chocolate Gifts UKn/a
Artisan Christmas Chocolate Gifts UKn/a
Handmade Chocolate Father Christmasn/a
Chocolate Father ChristmasP1, pos 7
Handmade Christmas Chocolates UKn/a
Artisan Chocolate Santa UKn/a
Handmade Chocolate Santa UKn/a
Chrome Incognito04/12/2020
Handmade Christmas Chocolates Delivered UKP1, pos 2
Artisan Christmas Chocolates Delivered UKP1, pos 1
Handmade Chocolates UKP1, pos 9
Handmade Christmas Chocolate Gifts UKP1, pos 2
Artisan Christmas Chocolate Gifts UKP1, pos 1
Handmade Chocolate Father ChristmasP1, pos 1
Chocolate Father ChristmasP1, pos 2
Handmade Christmas Chocolates UKP1, pos 2
Artisan Chocolate Santa UKP1, pos 1
Handmade Chocolate Santa UKP1, pos 1

The client is specifically targeting keywords including Handmade, Artisan, Fresh together with seasonal searches such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter Eggs, Father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas / New Year.

Shopify SEO Secrets to Google Ranking

When I speak with clients about Shopify eCommerce Google Ranking and SEO, they always want to know “How exactly do you do it, Nina?”

Here’s the answer:

It’s all about on-page SEO, whether this be a collection page or a blog post, and the home page, the page architecture for Google ranking is more or less the same across the board.

The SEO difference between a page or Shopify eCommerce ‘collection’ versus a blog post

A page or a collection is an evergreen page. Your core product lines, your stock items for sale, this is always going to be around; hence the term ‘evergreen’.

When compared to a blog post – often referred to as news – this is date or time sensitive. For example, a blog post can be about Valentine’s handmade chocolates and it’s only valid for a couple of weeks in advance of February 14th.

Using any Shopify theme, the SEO best practices are always idential for on-page targeted Google ranking exactly the same as I would rank a website in WordPress or Mangento 2 for example.

Shopify SEO eCommerce: Nina’s Top 10 SEO Tips

Before you start to write content decide on the target search phrase and keyword order

  1. Benchmark this search phrase and create a Google document with your list of search phrases and their current Google page and postion today
  2. Compose a new blog post and name the headline to begin with your exact search phrase/keywords
  3. Rephrase your search phrase in your H1, changing the order of your keywords to avoid repetition for human readers. This will avoid the “Oh, this blog post is written for Search Engines” feeling.
  4. In your blog images, all of these need to have the Alt Tag names with your primary search phrase, this includes your featured image
  5. You need to write 1,00 words of content to qualify as “Skyscraper Content” so make sure you’re sitting comfortably
  6. If you can, create a video in Movie Maker and upload to YouTube. Your video title will begin with your search phrase
  7. Embed this video in your blog post (do you see what I did there?)
  8. Add tags and categories that include your keyowrds in different orders
  9. Manually override the default SEO settings in Shopify, and type in your target search phrase for the meta title.
  10. For the meta description you repeat your phrase and end with a call to action, e.g. FREE in-site visit, FREE Google audit, FREE carpet cleaning trial patch. Everyone loves something for free, so make a big thing out of this. FREE personalised message, FREE text advice, I’m on 07786 391875.
FREE Google Audit

Well, this is the end so I guess the only thing left for me to do is try to persuade you to pay me to help with your Google rankings with my proven Shopify eCommerce case study. If you want to email anyone from my client reviews list, can ask honest questions and get an honest response.


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