Social Media – Pick and Mix Services

Social Media – Pick and Mix Services

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Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media

Before work starts a target phrase / selection of keywords will be agreed. The phrase can be anything from 2 words to 4/5 words. We both check current Google rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after the agreed tasks have been implemented we can demonstrate the success.

Pick and mix the services that suit your budget – costs at the bottom

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Video SEO and keywords targeting

Once we have agreed an SEO-friendly keyword rich title, a well written description highlighting the products / services the client wishes to promote and a list of keyword variations I can then distribute the video to 10 movie sharing websites online to add the potential for traffic sources and of course, backlinks.

To promote a video online there is a set of rules I follow, attracting safe and genuine backlinks areound the world. I edit videos in YouTube for SEO in the following manner:

Before work starts a target phrase will be agreed between the client and myself. The phrase can be anything from 2 words to 4/5.
The client should add their website URL to Google Alerts to demonstrate the work I carry out attracts backlinks which is great for SEO.

Title: Optimise the video title with keywords/phrase first and brand name last. People who already know your company will find you easily in Google, what you need to do is attract people who are unaware of your brand – so remember to title your video with great keywords relevant to your industry and the demographics you are looking to attract.

Description: Always start with your website URL preceded with ‘http://’ and now repeat your video title, and add a longer description if required. This will provide a valuable backlink to whatever page you like.

Keywords: Add the target phrase in the tags section, using variations on the theme to attract different searches.

I provide a spreadsheet detailing the work I have carried out – here’s the spreadsheet for a local Fun Casino company in Somerset

Social Media broadcasting and engagement

Social signals let Google know your site is being talked about, and when there’s a live human managing your social channels to keep the engagement high this is an added bonus.

It’s when those social signals (tweets and likes) turn into social shares that the real value comes into play. If your content is good, people will share…then people will (might) link to your content.

To get social media broadcasts noticed and to stand out from the millions of other people trying to get noticed online it’s essential to include #hashtags on Twitter and Google+ and avoid by only ‘Broadcasting’ (“Buy my stuff! Buy my stuff!”), including some personal tweets and retweets.

This circles back to the agreed keywords / target phrase, so as an example here’s my feeds promoting SEO services yet at the same time being engaging and personable:


Article sharing and PR and blogging

Combining the video with content provided by the client I am able to publish their article on my professional profile online at PR Log:

Here’s the latest article of mine:

Adding the article the client website SEO’d with tags and categories

Google Blog

Sharing the video and article online, example:

If you/your client does not have a Google blog I can create on their behalf (One hour)

Breakdown of costs – pick n mix 2017 price list

My hourly rate is £25/hour

One-off Video SEO: Dedicated work to optimise the title, description and tags then to upload to video sharing websites – 3 hours £75

Monthly Social media and PR services: 1 hour per week / 4 hours £100 a month to include:

  • Article published to PR Log with video
  • Article published to Google blog with video
  • Article published to client’s website blog with video
  • Tweeting once a day using agreed hashtags / keywords
  • Tweets to include industry related news and relevant retweets from other accounts
  • One tweet per week for self promotion
  • One Google+ broadcast per week – content to be supplied by client in the form of 3 URLs from their website (products / services) and the 4th will be the article

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Looking forward to chatting with you.

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