Client Showcase – Cornelsen Steam Injection Remediation UK

Client Showcase – Cornelsen Steam Injection Remediation UK

Steam Injection Remediation Case Studies

Land contamination issues can be resolved with Steam Injection systems from Cornelsen.

Steam Injection Remediation UK Case Studies In Situ Sparging CornelsenBy the injection of a steam / air mixture the substrate is heated mainly by convection, inducing the mobilisation of contaminants and volatilisation of the compounds within the aquifer. The temperature is continually monitored as it permeates into the saturated zone.

Steam injection remediation of Contaminated Groundwater or Soil by Steam Injection can also be achieved by mobilising viscous contaminants at temperatures of under 100 degress. Harmful contaminants such as such as heavy oils in soil and groundwater can then be recovered in a more efficient fashion when compared to other technologies.

The inclusion of temperature monitoring points distributed vertically and laterally throughout the formation along with an in-line GC-FID and remote telemetry enables us to provide daily advice and recommendations as required.

Steam Injection Remediation by Conrnelsen UK

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