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SEO Freelancer Costs UK Prices – Roadmap Google Ranking WordPress

SEO Freelancer Costs UK – Google Ranking Roadmap Prices for WordPress Ecommerce Websites or Local Geographical Services It’s funny how SEO and Digital managed agencies are coy about their website costs, isn’t it? As a freelancer I’m so much more flexible than any web agency, for a start I don’t legally tie you down to […]

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Social Media – Pick and Mix Services

Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Before work starts a target phrase / selection of keywords will be agreed. The phrase can be anything from 2 words to 4/5 words. We both check current Google rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after the agreed tasks have been implemented we can demonstrate the success. Pick […]

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Latvian Piragi Traditional Recipe Bacon Onion Bread Rolls

Latvian Piragi Traditional Recipe – Bacon Onion Bread Rolls Recipe for bread – homemade with bacon and onion bitesize rolls This is a blog on how to bake bread rolls with the inside stuffed with a choice of filling. Traditionally it’s bacon and onion, but I have also tried lamb mince and peas / mint […]

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