Trump Spam Google Analytics Block Secret.ɢ

How To Block Trump Spam in Google Analytics

Annoying isn’t it? This new bot from Russia is dirtying Google Analytics with fake hits so your reporting makes you think you are seeing lots of visits to your website but they are fake.

The Trump spam is also targeting legit websites like,, and so you think you are getting hits from these notable websites – by implementing this fix you will strip fake hits.

Using Filters at Languarge Level to Block Trump Spam

Setting up a view-level filters is fairly simple, but it should be noted that this is a permanent change going forward, so do be careful when using it, especially if you have little prior experience with view filters. The filter I propose will filter out any traffic (hits) where the language dimension contains 12 or more symbols. Since most legitimate language settings sent by browsers are 5-6 symbols and rarely is there traffic with 8-9 symbols in this field, it should only filter out language spam.

In addition to that, there are symbols which are invalid for use in the language field, but which can be used to construct a domain name (or what looks like it, such as “secret google com”, “secret,google,com”, “secret!google!com”), so we can exclude those as well.

The resulting regular expression we’ll use looks like this:


You need to construct the “Exclude Language Spam” filter as shown in the screenshot below:







Please note: The above is an updated tip courtesy of Carlos Escalera and his comprehensive blog post on his website blog “How to Prevent and Remove the Spam from your Google Analytics

Make sure to filter to the “Language Settings” dimension. You need “Edit” access at the “Account” level in Google Analytics in order to set up new filters, so make sure you have that, or you won’t even see the setup.

You can use the “Verify Filter” option to see how it would affect data from the last few days.

‘Verify Filter’ Trump Spam 2016

Remember to filter your IP address too!

Google Analytics Help shows you how and it’s really simple I promise!

Create an IP address filter

To prevent internal traffic from affecting your data, you can use a filter to filter out traffic by IP address.

You can find the public IP address you are currently using by using the “what is my ip address” Whats My IP web checker. You can find out what IP addresses and subnets your company uses by asking your network administrator.

To create an IP address filter:

  1. Follow the instructions to create a new filter for your view.
  2. Leave the Filter Type as  Predefined.
  3. Click the Select filter type drop-down menu and select Exclude.
  4. Click the Select source or destination drop-down menu and select traffic from the IP addresses.
  5. Click the Select expression drop-down menu and select the appropriate expression.
  6. Enter the IP address or a regular expression.

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