Virtual Skype SEO Adwords Training

Virtual Skype or Telephone SEO and Adwords Training

My sister in law pointed out to me last night that I have been training people over Skype using video conference for years and that I should offer this specific service to people who want to book an SEO or Marketing training course at short notice. She’s right.

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One on One telephone training is an alternative if you don’t have Skype.

Google Analytics Training by Skype or telephone

Delivering an SEO training day recently, I had a question about Google Analytics training. I asked what the goal was, and the short answer was “I don’t know. I just don’t understand Google Analytics. I want reports to show me sources of traffic, how people buy and why people buy”

Book a few hours with me and I will demonstrate in an easy to follow session how to understand Google Analytics, setup automatic email reporting from a custom dashboard, how to set up that dashboard in the first place with all your favourite features, and ensure you have your accounts setup correctly – including linking to the correct Google Webmaster Tools property.

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Adwords PPC Virtual Skype Training

Christmas tends to be the mad rush, in December people realise that SEO isn’t working with their new website and they have seasonal stock to sell, or a specific seasonal service to promote. SEO cannot be rushed, but you can be online in under 60 minutes with Adwords.

WARNING: Never set up an Adwords account for the first time DIY. Over 7 years 100% of all my clients that have tried Adwords themselves have WASTED MONEY by not following the correct procedure to target relevant traffic, paying for irrelevant clicks that do not convert.

Flexible Pricing, Summary, Reporting, Homework and 7 Day Support

The hourly training rate is £35/hour and all Skype training sessions include a 7-day follow on support package. As it’s impossible to predict how much time you will need I will invoice after the session is complete, email over a summary of our conversation, reports from Google and a list of tasks for your homewor for us to work on together.

Adwords isn’t right for every website. Research before you hand over your payment details.

Google says out of 100 clicks that 3 people on average will convert – e.g. Pick up the phone to call, or send an email enquiry, or make a purchase.

Therefore the services you want to advertise you should be aware of the Adwords costings per conversion. Below is a rough estimation:

Essentially 50p per click x 100 clicks = £50 so it follows that 3% of people should convert so £50/3 = £16.70 cost per conversion (sale). Some clicks are £2 each = £50/ conversion.

Some reasons why Adwords does not convert include:

  • The landing page is not specifically marketed and optimised for new visitors from Adwords
  • The 4 second marketing rule applies, impress or digress
  • You are not paying for [exact] match keywords, only broad match keywords
  • Low priced product (Under £50)
  • Your ads are running 24 hours a day
  • You can’t split test as you don’t have 6 adverts
  • You can’t split test as you don’t have mobile – specific adverts
  • Are Adwords and Google Analytics Linked
  • Are your conversions recording accurate data
  • Is there a contact telephone number unique to Google (if required)
  • High competition keywords / phrases
  • Low search volume
  • Irrelevant search terms
  • Tracking / ecommerce is not accurate