Why Wix Is Bad For SEO – No UK Ranking, Only Local

First of all, it’s expensive to be cheap. You don’t give an expert job to an apprentice, would you? It’s better to place your trust in someone who has many years’ experience and who has no vested interest in recommending a huge change for no reason.

Wix is renowned for being a simple business solution for startups who want to promote their local business such as a Landscape Gardener in Leicester or a Dog Walker in Durham.UK Nationwide ranking is not possible with Wix. I do mean zero, their platform is restrictive, poorly constructed and the SEO tools they offer to you will only work in your local village, town and maybe city if you have a central location.

I’ve found that sole traders and small businesses hastily decide to go ahead with spending their time building a website without taking advice from a Google certified individual. After many months and years down the line, the penny drops that all the time they have invested is a waste.

You will be looking for someone who is looking out for your business success in Google and offering the steps to achieving high rankings for your chosen search phrases and presence in your chosen geographical areas.

Is this you? Well, I have awesome news for you – I will hold your hand and guide you through the Wix to WordPress migration process in just a few weeks. You don’t need to understand the process, I’ll handle everything as your personal Digital Project Manager.

It’s no financial benefit for me to request that you migrate to WordPress as I don’t offer development services such as website development or logo design – so I can’t take your money. I will connect you with my associate WordPress development expert to enable all 3 of us work together seamlessly. I’ve been in partnership with my contact for over 7 years and trust him with any size of the project – from custom eCommerce targeting UK Nationwide, to businesses wishing to promote their services in Bing and Google locally.

Wix Migrate To WordPress For Dazzling Google Rankings – Case Study 2020

Take a look at the image below, what you are looking at is how a Wix website migration to WordPress has a profound and overnight success where Google rankings are concerned.

Constructs Carpentry owner Jon Hodge explains his 30 Day SEO Journey

I contacted Nina in May 2020 as I’d just completed a 12 month contract with a Wix SEO specialist which proved little to no improvement in Google rankings nor business enquiries.


I bought the domain back in 2013 and Nina explained to me Google loves old domains, especially those over 5 years in age, and the only reason we were not ranking high was because our platform choice was Wix.


During our telephone consultation to discuss her free Google audit findings, Nina explained whilst SEO does take months/years to rank a website, she was 100% confident that investing in a migration to WordPress would boost my Google presence to Page 1.


Nina was very forthright in her approach, and seemed quite excited with the prospect of working together as we began planning our SEO roadmap together. Nina and I discussed the search phrases to target, together with geographical areas and she submitted a cost proposal and timeline of events.


The SEO roadmap began with the migration from WIX to WordPress, followed by her 30 Day SEO Booster schedule.

Our new-look website was launched at the in of June 2020 and she jumped straight in with requests for content, and lots of it. I learned about ‘Skyscraper Content’ for Google Search and busied myself in providing specific blog content sculpted around our agreed search terms including “Carpentry Contractors Somerset”.


I had been very vocal about a competitor of our who was ranking very high in Google, it was clear her direction was adamant on proving her SEO methods work.


In July the Video SEO was complete for backlinks, and Nina tackled my blog section and creating relevant WordPress tags and categories to mirror my search phrases.


Nina published my content which was tweaked for Google (and Bing) and we witnessed an overnighte jump in rankings.


I could tell she couldn’t hide her excitement and pride .. best of all, we overtook our long time competitor when she completed her 30 Day SEO Booster.


We have now signed up to a low price monthly SEO maintenance plan to continue to work on extra phrases to include “Q Mark Fire Door Installers” and a new keyword “Joiners/Joiners”


I’m happy to recommend Nina’s, eager and no-nonsense approach, her direct way of demonstrating how her advice proves Google rankings benefits and above all, her genuine excitement of proving her SEO methods do work.


View our blog at Constructs Carpentry SouthWest, or if you are a prospective client reading this, do feel free to Contact Me for a reference.

I am able to demonstrate SEO success with any free website builder, whether it be Weebly, WIX, or any cheap host builder such as Go Daddy or 1&1.

As I said, it’s expensive to be cheap. By choosing low or zero cost options at the start of your business you may not have had the available funds to pay a developer to design your website and opted the quickest and cheapest option which is understandable.

Now is the time to challenge the big boys in Google, to swim with the big fish and bump them down off Google page 1 and replace with your website instead. That’s the point of SEO.

Timeline of WIX to WordPress Migration and 2020 Costs

You may need 3 people for this task, at least two which will be a WordPress Developer and your SEO Freelancer.

The third may not be needed but a brand/creative designer is a bonus to resize your images to fit the new platform. It’s not as simple as buying a new pair of wellies that’s for sure!

  1. The web developer will need your hosting login details to download all of your content and images.
  2. Once imported, the developer will then build your new website on WordPress on a staging platform that’s hidden from the public domain as the design features are built. This will be a 4-6 week process.
  3. You may require additional creatives such as your logo resized, or a new promotional banner for the homepage slider to be designed. Brand designers can offer small business packages from around £150.
  4. Once the website is live then that’s when the SEO jumps in to start Digital Marketing.

Wix SEO Consultation – Listen Along Live – 60 minutes on YouTube

WIX Migration to WordPress Case Study – Continued

Google Analytics and Search Console SEO Configuration

It’s a common assumption that a website developer will know Search Engine Optimisation, this is not the case 95% of the time. It’s rare to find a developer unicorn which knows great SEO methods

These are rare and I have met a couple and we may not be the most fun at parties, but we love nothing more than a good natter about the latest Google 2021 algorithm and the quirks some of our clients have.

  • Configure Google Analytics the correct HTTPS URL Install Google Analytics
  • Verify in Google Search Console
  • Link Google Analytics and Google Search Console together
  • In Google Analytics ‘Basic Settings’ set the Currency to £British Pound
  • In GA ‘Basic Settings’ use the radio checkbox to block Google known bots
  • Filter your visits by excluding clicks from your IP address to show only visitor’s clicks

SEO Information and Digital Marketing Costs


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