Yahoo Answers Will Shut Down in 2021, on May 4th

Where has Yahoo! Answers gone? It’s all happening on Star Wars Day, May 4th, 2021.

On April 6th, 2021 a question was posted: “Who do you blame for Yahoo Answers getting shut down?” reads one of the final question ever submitted to the venerable advice service.

Who are the type of people to use Yahoo Answers?

  • People who don’t take life seriously, mostly teenagers, but then again we all know the type of adult to use Yahoo Answers for humour
  • The minority are genuine folk searching the internet for an answer that are not au fait with Google search. After all, who uses the Yahoo! Search Engine in 2021?
  • Low-level amateur SEO’s looking for backlinks like u/BizTuber on Reddit

SEO Amateurs Fixate on Backlinks

Blog commenting, forum posts and answering Yahoo! questions or posting on Quora seem to prevail 15 years after Google slyly let us know that these spammy efforts no longer work to improve SERPs ranking.

Personally, I have got no conception about people in their 20’s reading an article on the internet telling them to go forth and spam, just make sure to leave a comment. “Great Blog! I enjoyed reading it! For luxury watches you should check out xxx domain!” Sigh

Poor Google Ranking Strategy

Maybe it’s the menopause but this niggles me no end. Here I am, a hard working sole trader with white and grey hat SEO morals, seemingly in competition with so-called Search Marketers who offer a menu list of tasks for you to buy.

Here’s an example for £50:

Buy now!
• 5 Document Sharing and Submissions
• 25 High Authority Links
• 5 High Metrics
• 5 Audio Sharing
• 10 Business Directory Listings
• 20 Low OBL Blog Comments
• 5 Article Submission
• 10 Gov and Edu Profile Backlinks
• 50 Blog Comments Tier 2
• 50 Bookmark Tier 2
• 5 Design Galleries
• 5 Artist Portfolio
• 10 Web 2.0 Blog

I feel this is why spam emails exist, there’s a certain percentage of the population online who are vulnerable and don’t have a swollen bank balance. People in this category are more inclined to fall for internet romance scams, fake lottery wins, and getting cheap SEO with a long list of “Things That I Don’t Understand”

SEO Things That I Don’t Understand But Everyone Talks About Them

Here’s an example of a recent client enquiry:

“Hi Nina, I am looking for Google analytics, PPC, and Google Adwords guidance and implementation for my business based in central London.
Start date would be as soon as possible. Also please let me know how much it would cost, your availability, and how quickly it can be done.
I don’t understand all the technical terms, but I do understand what I am trying to explain. Would you be able to create a package just for us that will improve our SEO efficiently and organically.”

The client continues with

  1. I’m not sure about keywords I would leave that advice to you
  2. Please ring me as I don’t understand everything, it will help me understand what to do more clearly
  3. I’d like to know what the Initial SEO audit and Google Consultation is?
  4. What is the 30 Day SEO Booster content, and can you explain what content provided/included means?
  5. What is included in the Monthly ongoing SEO and intensive website marketing campaign?
  6. We’d like you to handle everything as you are the expert, so I don’t think the zoom call would be necessary.

This is the type of person who buy Yahoo! backlinks

Here’s my translation

  1. Poor communication, you don’t tell me your website address nor how you make money
  2. You want to learn SEO before you buy SEO? This is common and it’s always declined as this takes an hour or more. You are welcome to book a FREE 20 minute telephone chat using my online scheduling system
  3. I provided a link to the Google Consultation information but you’re too scared to read
  4.  Again, read about my 30 Day SEO Booster online.
  5. Another common question – Ongoing Monthly SEO Costs
  6. Just so I understand, you don’t want to talk to me, I don’t know your website or target keywords/search phrases, you don’t want to read but when can I start?

Yahoo! Answers Have Shut Down, What SEO Backlinks Can I get?

Did you really rely on Yahoo! Answers for backlinks? Blog commenting? YouTube commenting, spammy questions on my SEO blog posts?

The meno in me rages internally when a new client comes on board and they have a spreadsheet with 1,000 so-called backlinks. Google automatically ignored adult links, NSEO (Negative SEO), Directory backlinks, blogs built specifically for providing backlinks (See: PBN’s and Link Farming) these are dark grey and blackhat SEO methods.

What could possibly go wrong with spammy and Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO Damages A Domain - Beware of a Google Manual Penalty


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