SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting Sessions UK

I offer a 2 tier pricing structure for one on one advisory sessions booked over the telephone, Skype or on site that is dependant on the size of the company and level of skill required to fix problems.

Hire me by the hour. Most sessions are 60 minutes.

Small Business and Sole Trader Consulting Hourly Pricing

I’ve visited websites similar to mine and I’ve never seen information regarding an hourly fee, it seems you have to email or phone to get a cost. I have a transparent £35 flat fee per hour. Sole traders and SME’s often require SEO coaching and standard lessons on how to decipher information from their Google Analytics account. This may also include basic keyword research and how to sculpt a web page for search engines using H1 Headers and associated keyword targeting.

Consultancy Chat Nina Greaves 1weekSEOAgencies and Team Consulting – Project Management Hourly Fees

For team consultations and technical SEO Google advice my rate is £75 per hour, whether video Skype with several members present, or direct one-on-one coaching via telephone and screen sharing using Logmein or Teamviewer.

Earlier this year in just 60 minutes of a multi-website project I assisted an agency team of highly skilled develeopers and their Team Manager identify a large issue related to the technical setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Overnight their rankings and website traffic increased significantly.

It’s an industry standard rule that skilled website developers and designers don’t have (or need) the knowledge for the more instrinsic settings of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This is absolutely identical to the face that I have no idea about design and have zero coding and development skills.

The Relationship Between Website Developers and an SEO

Web design agencies don’t know SEO just as I don’t know how to create a logo or build a website with HTML.

White Labelling SEO Services

I have had agreements with many design agencies in the UK and Ireland, white labelling my services and working under their brand to provide tutoring, ad-hoc advice and project fixes. Price is dependent on each project so on this occasion I can’t offer a flat fee as the cost is variable.