30 Day SEO Booster for UK Websites 2019

30 Day SEO Booster for UK Websites 2019

Bespoke SEO Booster – Results in 30 Days

It’s not just a matter of paying me £400 for a month’s worth of dedicated SEO work – you will need to contribute too. Some clients just say “Get on with it” and other clients want to learn what I do along the way, which one are you?

I Want SEO (But I Don’t Know What I Want)

Before SEO work can commence, a list of keywords and geographical areas is required. These phrases will be searched for in Google to benchmark before work is carried out.

  • Services: “Plumber in Bristol” “Hairdresser in South London” “Wood Floor Restoration Bristol”
  • Products: “Epson printer ink cartridges” “Ticket Printing UK” “Catering Equipment UK”

First of all, think logically what phrase you would search for in Google to find your website. Usually 2 or 3 phrases are enough to start an SEO campaign. Have a Google search of these ‘keywords’ and note down your online competitors. Go through all the Google pages and find your own website. Note down your Google page and the position on the page. You will have to knock someone down in Google to replace them with your website to rank higher in Google.

How Long Will It Take For Google Page 1?

I worked for Funky Pigeon www.funkypigeon.com the personalised cards website and it took me 11 months to get them to Google page 1 (UK / National) for the 2 words “Personalised cards” and to beat Moonpig in rankings, and this was as an employee at 40 hours per week.

Local SEO is a much quicker win … are you aiming for geographical targeting or UK Nationwide?

Google page 1 depends on whether you are a local business or a UK national website, and the budget you have to invest on a monthly basis. The businesses that need the most investment are typically: jewellery, fashion, ecommerce shops, food, healthcare products, finance, gambling, property and business services.

SME SEO Small Business 30 Day Booster by Nina Greaves SEO Lady 2017The First 30 Days and Keyword Benchmarking

The way I work is different to large agencies, I carry out a lot of work in 30 days then once this is in place we can agree on the number of hours you would like to hire me for.

Once one keyword is ranking to your satisfaction, we stop working on that keyword and add a new keyword to the list of 3. The keywords will be agreed by both parties in writing before SEO starts.

The first month will be a higher cost as implementation for a new website requires around 20 hours work over 30 days, upon completion a regular monthly maintenance plan will lower the cost considerably. Each month there will be a keyword report and a Google Analytics traffic report, together with on-call support throughout the agreement.

Important note: Google page 1 is always the aim of Search Engine Optimisation, however there is no indication of timescales and no predictions or promises can be made from any SEO company with regards to predictions of keyword rankings.

Websites that are brand new are always at a disadvantage as Google measures trust by the age of a domain – a domain has more trust when it reaches 2 years of age. SEO work on brand new websites will take 6-12 months to rank in Google and there is no promise of Google page 1.

There is no way to manipulate Google, only to ensure your website is compliant with recommended practices as laid out in the Google Webmaster Tools Blog and by following advice from Matt Cutts on his YouTube channel.

30 day SEO and Marketing Example Schedule (Bespoke to your website)

  •     Agree keywords / phrases to target. Benchmark.
  •     Verify in Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster / Yahoo
  •     Link Google Search Console and Google Analytics Profile
  •     Block spam referral traffic
  •     Filter IP addresses for traffic exclusion
  •     301 canonical check
  •     Add XML sitemap to Google and Bing
  •     Submit a crawl request to Google (Site healthcheck)
  •     Submit a crawl request to Bingbot (Site healthcheck)
  •     Meta titles, description and keywords tweaked for SEO and visitor experience
  •     H1 and H2 Headers tweaked for SEO and visitor experience
  •     Home page text should be 250+ words – client to provide – I will rewrite for search engines together with H1 and H2 Headers tweaked for SEO

Google Analytics Tailored Dashboard

  •     Adding a Google Analytics dashboard for at-a-glance view (Bespoke)
  •     Unique visitors from SEO
  •     Top keyword (non-branded)
  •     Keywords related to your company
  •     Search engines used: Google Bing etc
  •     Top viewed pages from SEO
  •     Cities finding your website through search

Google+ Social Media and YouTube

  • Create a Google Blogspot with a link back to your site
  • Sharing news socially on your Twitter, YouTube and Google+ page with #
  • YouTube Google+ profile connected to  your site SEO optimised and verified
  • Use Google+ to post about your website, local news, articles etc
  • SEO optimise one YouTube title, description, keywords and link back to any webpage
  • Submit the approved video to 10 video sharing websites around the world
  • Provide a spreadsheet detailing the exact locations and links to your movie online

SEO Reporting and support

  • Social Media Engagement and Google Analytics Traffic Reporting
  • Keyword reporting
  • Month end reporting, organic keywords, traffic and sources in Analytics
  • On call support, Skype, telephone & email

Before we work we both check rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after 30 days we can see the improvement and have a more accurate idea of the number of hours per month is required to rank you higher – this is why I can’t provide you with an ongoing cost until the first 30 days are over.

Once the 30 days are up there will be 2 scenarios:

You will hit Google page 1 and there’s no ongoing cost (Local SEO) or you appear in Google but not on Page 1 and require extra months follow on SEO between £100-£150/month to give that extra push. I will need new unique content for your website pages and / or blog posts :

**** Please take 3 minutes to read my case studies of SEO and Content ****

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