30 Day SEO Booster for UK Websites 2020

30 Day SEO Booster for UK Websites 2020

SEO Booster – Google Ranking Results in 30 Days £500 + FREE Google Audit

It’s not just a matter of paying me for a month’s worth of dedicated SEO and Digital Management work – you will need to contribute too. Do you just want an important question answered in a 20 minute quick chat? Book me online now and schedule in a telephone call or a Zoom chat. It’s well worth asking for your free Google audit in advance (details below) so that we both have data to discuss in our conversation.

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SEO Roadmap – eCommerce Prices and Local Google Ranking. Small Business Specialist

If you haven’t heard of an SEO Roadmap before, it’s an expression coined to illustrate your website ranking journey and the milestones that are laid out as the months pass. With eCommerce I’m most experienced with WordPress, Magento 2 and Shopify, with time served on most eCommerce CMS platforms in my 12 year career.

Here’s a brief roadmap of your SEO journey and cost breakdown:

  1. Initial SEO audit and Google Consultation – £70
  2. 30 Day SEO Booster – £500 with content provided or £700 flat fee with content included
  3. Monthly ongoing eCommerce SEO – £360 booked as 2 half days a month (2 x 4 hour sessions)
  4. Local SEO geographical radius targeting (non eCommerce) villages/towns/cities from £100

Some clients are fearful, some clients demand promises or predictions of Google rankings as they view website ranking costs as a cost – instead of an investment. Some clients say “Just get on with it Nina” and other clients want to learn what I do along the way – which type are you?

FREE Google Audit – SEO Booster 6 Questions

    Free Google Audit SEO Booster Freelancer UK Consultant WordPress Disavow Ranking Website Redesign Domain Migration

    How Long Will It Take For Google Page 1?

    I worked for Funky Pigeon www.funkypigeon.com the personalised cards website and it took me 11 months to get them to Google page 1 (UK / National) for the 2 words “Personalised cards” and to beat Moonpig in rankings, and this was as an employee at 40 hours per week.

    Local SEO is a much quicker win … are you aiming for geographical targeting or UK Nationwide?

    Google page 1 depends on whether you are a local business or a UK national website, and the budget you have to invest on a monthly basis. Additionally, if you are looking for SEO in London you will definitely need a monthly investment as a follow on.

    There’s lots of reason why people want an SEO Booster, quicker rankings with a bulk load of work is the usual case. Business owners with new websites with no search engine optimisation nor backlinks are happy to learn that there’s no contract with my SEO lady Booster – it’s a one off dedicated campaign over one month so you’re not being tied into a monthly fee for 12 months, plus as a freelancer and a sole trader you know there’s only going to be one point of contact, and that’s myself.

    SEO Consultant WordPress Expert 30 Day Booster Ranking Google Search Phrases Freelance Advice UK

    Google Booster Ranking Search Phrases  – Why KPI Benchmarking is Essential Before SEO

    I’m utterly gobsmacked by the number of clients that I speak with (from local lawn care sole traders to larger-scale medium businesses including Digital Agencies) who have either tried DIY SEO themselves or have hired an SEO without agreeing KPI’s or benchmarking search phrases in Google before Search Engine Optimisation work starts.

    I think that’s like buying a racehorse from Auto Trader and being disappointed when they don’t win any horse races or have a Return On Investment from spending their dosh.

    In my experience, Digital Agencies hire freelancers like myself to work on their behalf on an ad-hoc basis. A high 95% of Digital Agencies offer Google and Bing ranking services on their websites yet they only act and try to hire one when they have a client enquire about costs.

    Funnily enough I work with a fair number of agencies every year and they ignore basic SEO techniques on their own website, including the common “Create :: Inspire :: Connect” home page H1 headline. If you don’t know what I’m referring to I wrote a blog about on-page SEO mistakes here, from top to bottom page architecture and homepage errors that come up repeatedly.

    A large section of my SEO work with this Booster and also with ongoing monthly SEO is by adding content with a clear sales call to action. Adding a strong call to action, or offering something for free lowers your bounce rate, increases a visit time on site (per page, blog post), this all works towards increasing your conversion rates and boosting your turnover.

    Conversions (email enquiries or sales) can be tracked easily in Google Analytics. With email enquiries it’s as simple as adding a ‘Thank you’ page once someone has sent a message and tracking the URL.

    With eCommerce sales this needs a developer to setup the coding to install, test, and verify the figures are correct – you have sold 3 pairs of shoes this week and can verify this comparing Google Analytics data with your stock levels.

    “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” — Jeff Eisenberg.

    “It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” — Jeff Eisenberg.

    SEO Booster Shopping List – Keywords and Benchmarking in Google

    Before SEO work can commence, a list of keywords and geographical areas is required. These phrases will be searched for in Google to benchmark before work is carried out. To be honest when people ask me to “Can you just look at my website and tell me what’s wrong with it quickly?” I know we’re 50/50 whether we are going to work together. Please understand it’s not that simple.

    • If I tell you what’s wrong with your website you won’t understand in 20 minutes. If you have been reading search ranking articles online and think you’ve got a good idea then I will gently test you. I need to establish a common ground to communicate effectively with words that you understand.
    • The gentle test is simply to ask “What do you want people to type into Google to find your website”

    This is actually one of my favourite questions: What search phrases do you want to target in Google and which geographical areas? Here are some of the phrases I would expect:

    • Local Services: “Plumber in Bristol” “Hairdresser in South London” “Wood Floor Restoration Bristol”
    • eCommerce UK Nationwide: “Epson printer ink cartridges” “British Wallpaper Designer” “Glass office partitions UK”

    SEO Booster Ranking WordPress Google Search Phrases Freelance Consultant London Weston super Mare Bristol

    Do have a read about my SEO Journey and how I sold DJ 12″ records on eBay which taught me the rudiment of similarities of Google’s ranking algorithm back in 2006. Anyway, you don’t just hand a stranger £500 over the internet without speaking with them first do you? I’ve demonstrated over email my capabilities and SEO Case Study blog posts and been paid in a couple of days.

    Some clients want to book a paid SEO Google Consultation beforehand then decide they don’t have the budget, that’s cool, in 90 minutes you can treat my time as a taster SEO lesson. My Zoom SEO Consultations are laid back Q&A style and always include a Google audit, plus live fixes wherever possible. I build trust and confidence with clients, gauging by their pace of questions whether they are part-time developers or don’t know the difference between a browser or a search engine.

    Target Search Terms and Keywords for Google – Do You Know Yours?

    What you are going to read next are actual, true responses from clients past and present. What Google search terms do you want?

    • EVERYTHING!! (They are a welding company in Leicester) we are still working together in 2020
    • Excuse me, I thought that was your job to tell me (B2B startup with a unique product with nothing similar online. Had not paid me.)
    • Jewellery. Scarves. Handmade Cards. Just those, I think. (The client expected Google page 1 results UK Nationwide with a one-off 30 day Booster with no follow on work)
    • I haven’t really thought of that (many, many clients)

    First of all, think logically what phrase you would search for in Google to find your website. Usually, 2 or 3 phrases are enough to start an SEO campaign. Have a Google search of these ‘keywords’ and note down your online competitors. Go through all the Google pages and find your own website. Note down your Google page and the position on the page. You will have to knock someone down in Google to replace them with your website to rank higher in Google. Can you write content? About Me page? Describe your services effectively? 9/10 regular clients cannot – you’re in the majority of people so here’s a solution.

    Bolt-on SEO Content Writing £200 – Homepage and Blog post

    What do I need for this project? SEO Shopping List

    1. Your hi-res logo and a selection of images (between 5-10) for Video SEO Backlinks
    2. Search phrases agreed in advance and benchmarked in Google before work starts
    3. CMS login (WordPress/Magento/Shopify)
    4. Access to your Google Analytics and Search Console data
    5. Homepage content and a new blog post each with 500 minimum –1,000 words for SEO skyscraper content

    The £500 flat fee is applicable to clients who provide me with new content for their website. Sometimes a client is too busy to spend time to write about their products or services so I have a bolt-on content writing service as follows

    *Using your target search terms and providing me with 800 words of content is one of the items on my Shopping List to enable me to complete the schedule. The flat fee of £500 is a proviso that you can supply me with this text. Clients who have had poor/zero SEO and require me to compose compelling, unique search engine content on their behalf, an optional extra for the homepage and sculpted blog post will be £200. The 800 words is a guideline minimum, 400 words each, no maximum, a blog post can be 1,500 words if you have the skills/resources to provide.

    The businesses that need the most investment are typically: jewellery, fashion, ecommerce shops, food, healthcare products, finance, gambling, property and business services.

    SEO Lady Freelance SEO Methods – How I’m Different

    The way I work is different to large agencies, I carry out a lot of work in 30 days then once this is in place we can agree on the number of hours you would like to hire me for.

    Once one keyword is ranking to your satisfaction, we stop working on that keyword and add a new keyword to the list of 3. The keywords will be agreed upon by both parties in writing before SEO starts.

    The first month will be a higher cost as implementation for a new website requires around 20 hours work over 30 days, upon completion a regular monthly maintenance plan will lower the cost considerably. Each month there will be a keyword report and a Google Analytics traffic report, together with on-call support throughout the agreement.

    Important note: Google page 1 is always the aim of Search Engine Optimisation, however, there is no indication of timescales and no predictions or promises can be made from any SEO company with regards to predictions of keyword rankings.

    Websites that are brand new are always at a disadvantage as Google measures trust – a domain has more trust naturally when it reaches 2 years of age. SEO work on brand new websites will take 6-12 months to accelerate their trust ranking rank in Google and there is never any promise of Google page 1.

    There is no way to manipulate Google, only to ensure your website is compliant with recommended practices as laid out in the Google Webmaster Tools Blog.

    30 Day SEO Booster Schedule

    •     Agree keywords / phrases to target. Benchmark.
    •     Verify in Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster / Yahoo
    •     Link Google Search Console and Google Analytics Profile
    •     Filter IP addresses for traffic exclusion
    •     301 canonical check
    •     Add XML sitemap to Google and Bing
    •     Submit a crawl request to Google (Site healthcheck)
    •     Submit a crawl request to Bingbot (Site healthcheck)
    •     Meta titles, description and keywords tweaked for SEO and visitor experience
    •     H1 and H2 Headers tweaked for SEO and visitor experience
    •     Home page text should be 250-400 words – client to provide – I will rewrite for search engines together with H1 and H2 Headers tweaked for SEO
    •     Bolt-on SEO content writing services available (ask for prices)

    Google Analytics Tailored Dashboard

    •     Adding a Google Analytics dashboard for at-a-glance view (Bespoke)
    •     Unique visitors from SEO
    •     Top keyword (non-branded)
    •     Keywords related to your company
    •     Search engines used: Google Bing etc
    •     Top viewed pages from SEO
    •     Cities finding your website through search

    Google+ Social Media and YouTube

    • Create and vrify a YouTube account, backlink and I’ll provide a slideshow video using your company images and logo
    • Use Google+ Business to post about your website, local news, articles etc
    • Create a Google Blogspot with a link back to your site
    • Sharing news socially on your Twitter, YouTube and Google+ page with links
    • YouTube Google+ profile connected to  your site SEO optimised and verified
    • SEO optimise one YouTube title, description, keywords and link back to any webpage
    • Submit the approved video to 10 video sharing websites around the world
    • Provide a spreadsheet detailing the exact locations and links to your movie online


    • Up to 5 published blog posts retro SEO’d with Tags and Categories, H1/H2, internal linking
    • Up to 100 images with ALT tags created, keyword rich with target search terms

    SEO Reporting and support

    • Social Media Engagement and Google Analytics Traffic Reporting
    • Keyword reporting
    • Month end reporting, organic keywords, traffic and sources in Analytics
    • Ad-hoc email support
    • Training and Explainer sessions are chargeable at £45/hour, bookable with 2-3 working day’s notice in advance

    Before we begin work we both check rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after 30 days we can see the improvement and have a more accurate idea of the number of hours per month is required to rank you higher – this is why I can’t provide you with an ongoing cost until the first 30 days are over.

    Ongoing SEO Costs – Monthly Estimate

    You will hit Google page 1 and there’s no ongoing cost (Local SEO) or you appear in Google but not on Page 1 and require extra months follow on SEO from £150/month to continue with a minimum of 6 month’s commitment via Standing Order. No written contract unless you request one, verbal agreement only. I will need new unique content for your website pages and / or blog posts for the cheapest rate, extra hours will be billable should you require me to write content on your behalf.

    Please take time to read my case studies of SEO and Content here

    6 Questions for an SEO Cost Quotation

    1. How old is the domain? What is the domain address?
    2. How long ago was the website first launched?
    3. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
    4. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
    5. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
    6. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

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