Freelance SEO UK Nina Payne SEO Lady

Freelance SEO UK Nina Payne SEO Lady

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Freelance SEO UK – Telephone Consultations and Training for DIY SEO

Celebrating 10 years of trading in 2018

If you are looking for DIY SEO training and you are a small business or SME you’ve found the right person. I’m also experienced with UK National eCommerce website SEO, Ireland, Scotland and even Europe and USA. My services are global.

SEO consultations are best carried out by Skype so we can share screens, however telephone sessions are fine. You will benefit from an audit and a tailored follow on plan with homework. All session notes are yours to keep on Google Drive cloud storage.

SEO is not a one-hit wonder. We have to work on a monthly basis to improve your website rankings and revenue – and a lot of work is required if the website is targeting the UK as whole.

► Local SEO is a much quicker win than UK National Google rankings

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The way I work is different to large agencies, I carry out a lot of work in 30 days then once this is in place we can agree on the number of hours you would like to hire me for.

As a Freelance SEO sole trader I can only work on 3 Google search phrases at any one time. Once one keyword is ranking to your satisfaction, we stop working on that keyword and add a new keyword to the list of 3.

► What are your top 3 search phrases (products / services) for Google organic search plus geographical areas?

Hire me to Freelance: SEO Booster 30 Days £400 For All Websites

Read my Freelance SEO UK methods here. Before we work we both check your current Google rankings and add to a spreadsheet, then after 30 days we can see the improvement and have a more accurate idea of the number of hours per month is required to rank you higher.

Once the 30 days are up there will be 2 scenarios:

You will hit Google page 1 and there’s no ongoing cost (Once you get Google page 1 you don’t slip unless you let your website stagnate or it breaks) This usually happens with Local SEO.

UK National websites: You appear in Google but not on Page 1 and need extra months follow on SEO between £100-£150/ month to give that extra push.

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Freelance SEO UK - SEO Lady Nina Payne Freelance Training UK

SEO Advantages Of A Website Blog

In my opinion there’s no better platform than WordPress for strong SEO Benefits. The utilisation of Tags and Categories demonstrate results with fast ranking results. Combined with rewriting your homepage with H1/H2’s, anchor text / internal linking plus a good volume of textual content is always the first task in my 30 Day SEO Booster.

No matter if your website is focused on e-commerce, lead-gen or self-service, there is what I like to call a “finite keyword set” that constrains you, whether you realize it or not. This concept of a finite keyword set is dictated by the fact that you want to serve the most relevant content to users at all times. By this notion, you would never post a recipe for lemon ricotta cookies on your fashion e-commerce site. (Or would you? We will revisit this idea later.)

Ideally, at the most basic level, your website should provide an expert level of knowledge about your subject matter — this will help ensure you meet Google’s quality guidelines. However, if your goal is to truly dominate the SERPs and outrank the competition, you need to start thinking outside the box to expand the breadth and depth of your content.

Simply put, a blog allows you to gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate, which can provide additional touch points for users to discover your brand. In creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set — though I highly recommend performing keyword mapping (using Google’s Keyword Planner tool) and pre-planning your strategy to avoid keyword overlap and URL confusion.

Do note that recent changes have made it increasingly more difficult to get accurate keyword data from Google. In order to see “normal” search volume ranges, you will need to have a significant amount of ad spend with Google. It may be helpful to sync up with your paid search team to create a workaround.

As an added benefit, creating a blog will increase the chances of your content appearing for featured snippets and quick answers. The benefits of featured snippets are that even if your page does not rank in position 1, it can still appear above all other search results — as in the case of this recipe from


While many rich snippets are dependent on structured data markup, featured snippets are organically pulled from your on-page content, which reduces the need to constantly monitor your markup implementation. Google has yet to release official guidelines for obtaining snippets, but there are several studies that outline how to improve the chances of your pages appearing and provide industry-specific tips.

At minimum, your page should focus on a target query — this will be the keyword for which you want the snippet to appear. In this example, it’s “shrimp and asparagus risotto.” Looking at the Domain Authority of the website that currently holds the featured snippet is a good way to assess your level of competitiveness.

Monthly Blog Content Ideas for SEO

My clients come from a variety from industries, so a B&B client would blog about local tourist events, hotel refurbishments and menu updates. A Plasterer would send me ‘before and after’ photos of his recent projects. A wedding entertainment company would send me venue write ups and videos of celebrations. Ecommerce stores would write about a monthly discount code or product offer, there’s always something to talk about.

In short, content creation, particularly blogs, is critical if you want to expand your brand presence. As an added benefit, an influx of fresh content requires Google to regularly crawl and index your site, and fresh content is a consideration when Google ranks your page in search results. Moreover, if your website lacks on-page content due to aesthetic purposes, a blog is an excellent way to augment your content offerings and target specific queries.

Searchengineland states: While it may be intimidating to commit to a blog, know that a weekly or biweekly content cadence may be all you need to start seeing return visitors. If you’re unsure where to begin, start by creating a list of evergreen vs. seasonal content, and capitalize on any upcoming topics that would be of particular interest to searchers. If creating a blog is out of the question, creating informational landing pages will also aid in your keyword efforts.

Backlinks and Blogging for SEO and Google Trust

So, how does this pay dividends? The long-term goal is to obtain backlinks in some capacity. Not only will this help to increase your Domain Authority, it will increase exposure across the web and help drive traffic to your site. Most importantly, if you’ve been lacking social content (or posting without adding much value), share your new content and make sure to engage your followers in the conversation. After all, user feedback may be some of the most valuable.

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