SEO Consultations and SEO Training UK 2018

SEO Consultations and SEO Training UK 2018

Book a personal SEO Consultation on Skype or Telephone 2018

Training over the telephone or via Skype video calls and screen sharing are available worldwide. I’ve trained clients in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Boston (USA) and even Thailand!

Send a message via my Contact Form to learn more – I’ll need a few things to provide an accurate cost quotation:

  1. How old is the domain?
  2. How long ago was the website first launched?
  3. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  4. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

Somerset In House SEO Consultations By The Hour

I offer 1 hour or 2 hour in person training sessions at my office in Weston-super-Mare, for further afield then travel costs will need to be included and the best value package is the full 8 hour SEO Training Day in-house at your premises.

Be your on-call SEO for 60 minutes – Audit + Action Plan – Telephone/Skype

Level 5 UK freelancer since 2009 on People Per Hour with 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ star feedback
Google Analytics and Adwords certified since 2013.
Sameday service a possibility if bought before 12 noon – before you buy the Hourlie please message me in advance.

Free SEO Audit for all UK Websites

Please message me in advance so I can check over your website – UK websites only – websites MUST have Google Analytics installed already. This does not include Analytics installation – Send me a message on my contact form with your website URL for me to kick start with a free audit.

☼☼ This offer is suitable for brand new UK websites or stagnating established websites ☼☼

► Allowing me access to your Google accounts so I can see your data
► I will create a Google Drive cloud document so we can both view/edit at the same time
► Please tell me what you want to achieve – More enquiries? More online sales to your ecommerce store?
► Analysis of visitor data
► Keywords discussion based on your initial ideas
► 60 minutes of my time in all

24 Hour Follow on Support Included

60 minutes of my time plus a 24 hour Q&A follow on support over email.

Read my 60 minute reviews online here

2 Hours – SEO Consultation + Audit + Follow On Plan – Telephone/Skype

►Relax – I talk your language and have been delivering training sessions since 2009
People Per Hour since 2009 with 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ ratings
Google Adwords and Analytics certified UK Freelancer 2013
Possible same Day bookings Monday – Thursday when bought before 12 noon
► One to one training over the phone or Skype video call

I deliver a website audit, honest critique and identify areas for improvement.
Which of the following applies to you?

– Google position bombing or stagnant rankings
– I’m migrating my website and don’t want to lose rankings
– Competitor stalking – why are they better than me?
– New website under 3 months old, what’s next, what can I do?
– Loads of website hits but comparatively few sales
– Looking to learn DIY SEO and need guidance

Google Analytics explained – I don’t know what I don’t know.
My method is to work backwards from your goal – for example
►How many people come to my website from a specific website or source
►I need to understand how to convert my traffic better, my sales are low
►How do I see what keywords people use to visit my site
►Your website is on Google page 4 and you desperately need to improve
►A brand new website not even in the first 10 pages of Google
►Old domain that’s a few years old but has never ranked
►Please explain how to maximise my use of meta titles, description and H1 headers
►I have bought SEO services from overseas and my site has dropped
►Bad backlinks have resulted in my website disappearing from search results

Any/all combination of the points above, plus your own list of questions.

This Google Training consultancy is for 2 hours of my time
► I will audit your website and create a Cloud document that we can both view and edit in advance of us speaking in person. I will prepare a list of observations and formulate a tailor made plan of action for discussion
►An hour of my time with you over the phone or Skype
►Following our session I will provide a list of homework points as a plan of action
►24 hours email Q&A support

Read my 2 hourly reviews online here

SEO  Training Days Somerset and UK Nationwide – 8 Hours In House

Learn DIY SEO skills in 30 days with an intensive 8 hour training day bespoke to your online business, supported with a 30 day period whereby you can speak with me direct over the telephone or by Skype video / chat.

You benefit from a tailored programme specifically to improve how you make money online, whether this is a local service like a hairdresser, or a UK ecommerce online store. Read more here.

Nina Payne – 2010 Advanced Training Certification

When I took an Advanced SEO training course in London I was surprised to find that once the day was complete there was no follow on support or contact information for the tutor. I had a couple of points that required clarification over the following days and had no one to turn to.

I’m here to answer all of your questions, or to remind you of the methods taught during the training day.

Bossit Weston super Mare Nina Payne SEO LadyI’m the one in the red cardigan launching the self employment scheme #Bossit in Somerset.

How can I help? Send me a message today

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