SEO Case Study 2020 eCommerce Revenue and Testimonial

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SEO Case Study 2020 eCommerce – Designer Lorna Syson

If your eCommerce website is buried deep down in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) whether this be in the Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines you’ll need consistent and regular SEO work every month. See below for screenshots of the revenue curve.

Most online shops are targeting the UK as a whole – additionally providing a global delivery service worldwide – so it’s crucial to nail your SEO from the basics to the technical aspects.

Monthly SEO Services for eCommerce – Hire Me for 8 Hours

The winning technique that I have established is offering block bookings twice a month for 2 half days at 4 hours per session. This is how I have identified a solid routine.

Lorna Syson and I discussed this ‘part time SEO services’ agreement and it’s demonstrated revenue success in a very short time as her domain is 13 years old and has a weighty Google advantage simply because her domain is over 2 years of age. When I’m let loose on such an aged domain I can deliver search phrase and keyword rankings in a very short time.

In short, Lorna hires me for 4 hours on a Wednesday on week 1 of the month, and again on the Wednesday of week 3, so this is 8 hours total every month. The alternate weeks of 2 and 4 are booked out by another client.


At the time of writing this post I currently have Thursdays available for the same part time opportunity. Would you like to fill one of these slots? Contact me today.

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WordPress, Magento 2 and Shopify are the 3 powerhouses in the eCommerce platform industry, I’m very familiar with the backend and navigating around global settings so you’re in safe hands. Google trusts websites over 2 years of age so new domains/websites will be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who have an old domain and have been implementing SEO methods for a number of years. Don’t lose hope!

Near Fourfold Revenue Increase in 3 Months – Google Analytics Data Below

WordPress eCommerce Case Study March – May 2020 

Lorna sold £840 worth of interior design products in February 2020 and we began working together in March. Google Analytics data reported just over £3,000 website revenue in May 2020. Lorna does not use Google Ads so the income revenue is from organic, natural search engine rankings. This is a 375% increase.

SEO Ecommerce Case Study 2020 WordPress Revenue IncreaseClient Testimonial – Lorna Syson 2020 – British Wallpaper and Fabric Designer

Lorna is a unique designer in that all of her designs are inspired by the flora and fauna of Great Britain. She photographs indigenous birds and flowers from around the UK and designs her home furnishing patterns by hand using leading edge technology. Her talents were recognised by John Lewis and her designs are on sale in 12 stores UK Nationwide.

Globally she has made her mark with her exclusive range of greetings cards and wrapping paper, with hundreds of boutique independent stores throughout Europe and worldwide selling her range of wallpapers, fabrics, interior accessories and paper products.

In addition to this success, Lorna has featured in countless magazines over the years, and her designs have also been broadcast on the BBC. Lorna regularly exhibits her exclusive products from London to Paris and her brand name is synonymous with stunning interior decor.

Lorna Syson: “I first hired Nina back in 2018 for an SEO training and consultancy session whereby she taught me the fundamentals of on-page SEO and the importance of word count on a blog post and also my home page for Google ranking.

It was clear halfway through the sheer volume of work and hours that was required of me to learn, at the time I was renting commercial property and employed 3 members of staff. As time went on and the responsibility of running a business single handedly was my priority, it became clear learning a new skill set in digital marketing was too much for one person.

Life has a funny way of showcasing new opportunities that are completely unexpected and in the last 12 months I’ve relocated due to my husbands job which enabled me to streamline my business processes. During COVID lockdown I finally had time to come up for air and contact Nina again but this time in a different capacity – as my dedicated SEO freelancer.

My eCommerce website blog posts have been published for over 5 years, Nina identified several advantages to bringing this content up to date for 2020, resulting in her working in the background to increase my Google visibility.

Using a combination of data from Search Console and Google Analytics together we shortlisted several sets of related search phrases, all relating to the keywords for my target product sales of designer wallpaper and fabrics.

Nina currently works 2 half days a month, with each block of time we focus on a pre agreed search term/keywords pushing up my rankings week after week.

At the end of the third month of working together with this new strategy Nina ran some Ecommerce figures comparing the sales figures from January and February through March, April and May to prove my monthly sales more than doubled.

I’m struggling with time, what I realised with streaming the business is that I need to invest in people who know more than me, and Nina has been worth every penny, I love that I can leave her to get on with it, the stats speak for themselves and it’s so lovely knowing that she’s got my back!


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