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Established locally in Weston-super-Mare since 2008, I have grown my local client portfolio and broadened my reach not only the South West UK, Somerset but UK Nationwide; my website now ranks globally in search engines for many search terms, the most popular one is “SEO Freelancer UK” on Google page 1, position 1.

With time and regular SEO, I am able to demonstrate success for local businesses – carpet cleaners, waste management, website design/development plus Bed & Breakfast clients. Book a telephone chat online, or send a business enquiry now.

Somerset Google Ranking Local Services and eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Hillmans Accountancy WSM
  2. Crawfords Carpet Cleaning
  3. The Richmond Hotel seafront B&B
  4. Window cleaners
  5. Weston-super-Mare Taxi
  6. Local DJ’s and live bands
  7. Wedding and event entertainment
  8. Appliance repairs Worle and WSM
  9. Estate Agents
  10. Roofing Company
  11. Self Store 24hr security
  12. Mobility furniture and scooters
  13. Weston-super-Mare and Bristol Recruitment agencies
  14. Window Blinds
  15. Captain’s Cabin
  16. The Bristol Hotel
  17. Protege Computers
  18. Wooden floor cleaning
  19. Landscape Gardening
  20. Plastering and damproofing

I think what tickles me about the town is that while Weston-super-Mare is a seaside town, it has never been primarily known for fishing. In the 1700s, it was a small village with a population of around 500 people, and it relied mainly on agriculture and some limited trade for its economy.

The main industry in Weston-super-Mare during the 1700s was farming. The village was surrounded by fertile land, and local farmers grew crops like wheat, barley, and oats. Cattle, sheep, and pigs were also raised in the area, and their meat and dairy products were sold to people in the village and nearby towns.

There were also a few craftspeople in Weston-super-Mare who produced items like pottery, baskets, and clothing. However, the village did not have a significant fishing industry. While fishing did occur in the nearby Bristol Channel, Weston-super-Mare did not have a natural harbor or port, so it was not a major center for maritime activities.

It was back in 1999 that I relocated from Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire. Back then I was a mid-30’s girl, now I’m a mid 50’s SEO Lady with dozens of local clients in my portfolio. From Hotels, Airbnbs, Vape shops and Carpet Cleaning. CrawfordsPRC  Carpet Cleaning have been a client of mine for 10 years in 2024, there’s also the pub at the bottom of my road The Bristol Hotel now very, very sadly closed (we still meet Steve & Grace and family in WSM, yay).

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Why don’t you SEO WIX websites Nina? WIX and other free building blocks websites like Simple Site, Weebly, 1&1 IONOS, GoDaddy, and especially Wix are terrific at highly targeted local services. If you are located in Worle, a part of Weston-super-Mare, same as St Georges and the outskirts, your free website builder will be sufficient if you are a niche local service. Let’s say you are a dog walker, lawn and gardener domestic greenskeeper for your local neighbourhood, a commercial or home window cleaner – then WIX or Go Daddy site builders are fine for these needs.

Regardless of your platform, it will take consistent Digital Marketing tasks every month to boost your website above your competitors online. Read my case study on migrating WIX to WordPress and implementing the 30 Day SEO Booster once complete.

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SEO Somerset – Client Journey 6 Month Digital Marketing Roadmap

FREE GOOGLE AUDIT + CHAT Your roadmap begins in the car park, before we put on our seat belts to begin you can schedule in a free 20 minute chat bookable online and I will run a Google audit in advance of our conversation.

  1. What is the domain address and how old is it?
  2. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  3. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  4. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target? UK Nationwide for eCommerce.

Do you have a list of burning questions? Maybe you don’t have any questions as you don’t know what you don’t know? Learning a new industry can be daunting and you can relax. I speak your language.

I will provide you a handwritten document of the recommendations to fix all the errors in your Google audit to take away and implement yourself.

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    History of Weston-super-Mare Piers and Local Events

    There was a notable conflict between two business owners who each owned a pier in Weston-super-Mare in the late 19th century. The two piers in question were the Birnbeck Pier and the Grand Pier. The conflict began in 1889, when businessman Sir John William Brunner purchased the Birnbeck Pier and began to develop it as a tourist attraction. However, a few years later, in 1894, businessman Joseph Cockcroft opened the Grand Pier, which quickly became a popular destination for visitors.

    The rivalry between the two piers escalated, with both owners vying for the attention and patronage of tourists. There were reports of various stunts and promotional efforts by both sides, such as fireworks displays, boat races, and even a hot air balloon ride from one pier to the other.

    However, the rivalry ultimately took a tragic turn in 1899, when a fire broke out on the Birnbeck Pier. The fire destroyed much of the pier and caused significant damage to nearby buildings, including the Grand Pier. Fortunately, no one was killed in the fire, but it marked the end of the Birnbeck Pier as a major attraction.

    The Grand Pier, on the other hand, survived the fire and continued to operate as a popular destination in Weston-super-Mare. Today, the Grand Pier remains one of the town’s most iconic landmarks and attractions. Did you know? It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that Weston-super-Mare began to develop as a seaside resort town, thanks to the arrival of the railway and increased interest in sea bathing as a leisure activity.

    Birnbeck Pier Weston super Mare Historical Dates

    Planning and Construction:

    • 1864-1867: The vision for Birnbeck Pier
    • 1867-1869: The design and construction of the pier
    • 1869-1872: Challenges and setbacks during the building process
    • 1869: The grand opening of Birnbeck Pier

    Early Years:

    • 1870s-1900s: Early days of Birnbeck Pier and its popularity
    • 1914-1918/1939-1945: The pier during World War I and II
    • 1950s-1960s: The decline of the pier in the 1950s and 1960s
    • 1970s-1980s: Restoration efforts in the 1970s and 1980s

    Renovations and Modernization:

    • 1990s: The restoration of Birnbeck Pier in the 1990s
    • 2000s: Efforts to modernize the pier in the 2000s
    • 2010: The reopening of Birnbeck Pier in 2010

    Notable Events:

    • Annual events: Annual firework displays on Birnbeck Pier
    • Various years: Concerts and festivals held on the pier
    • Various years: Historical reenactments and celebrations
    • 2004-present: The Birnbeck Pier Regeneration Trust’s fundraising efforts

    Challenges and Closure:

    • 2010s: Challenges facing Birnbeck Pier in the 2010s
    • 2014: The closure of Birnbeck Pier in 2014
    • 2014-present: Controversies surrounding the pier’s ownership and future
    • 2014-present: Preservation efforts by local groups and individuals

    The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust is a UK-based charitable organization whose primary aim is to restore and regenerate the historic Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare. The trust was formed in 2004 by a group of local residents who were concerned about the deteriorating condition of the pier and its potential loss as a historic landmark.

    The trust’s primary objective is to work towards the restoration of the pier, which has been closed to the public since 1994 and is currently in a state of disrepair. The trust’s efforts are focused on raising funds for the restoration, promoting public awareness of the pier’s historical and cultural significance, and working with local authorities and stakeholders to secure the pier’s future.

    The trust’s long-term goal is to fully restore the pier as a functional and sustainable heritage attraction, with facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as space for cultural events and community activities. By doing so, the trust aims to create a sustainable and economically viable future for the pier, while preserving its historical and cultural significance for future generations.

    In addition to its restoration work, the trust is also involved in community outreach and engagement, organizing events and activities to promote public awareness and support for the pier’s regeneration. The trust is a registered charity and relies on donations and volunteer support to carry out its mission.

    Terry Gilbertson and Birnbeck Regeneration Trust

    Terry Gilbertson is a prominent local campaigner in Weston-super-Mare who has been actively involved in the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust. Back in 2015, Banksy held a pop up art installation named Dismaland, and Terry would collect signatures from people in the long queues, wearing his famous Union Jack flag suit.

    According to news reports and social media posts, Terry has been a passionate advocate for the restoration of Birnbeck Pier and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for the project. He has been involved in numerous campaigns and initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring the historic pier, including organizing fundraising events and rallies, lobbying local authorities and politicians, and engaging with the local community.

    Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier

    Planning and Construction:

    • 1903-1904: Vision for the new Grand Pier
    • 1904-1907: Design and construction of the new pier
    • 1907: Grand opening of the new Grand Pier

    Early Years:

    • 1907-1910s: Early days of the Grand Pier and its popularity
    • 1914-1918/1939-1945: Grand Pier during World War I and II
    • 1950s-1960s: Decline of the pier in the 1950s and 1960s
    • 1970s-1980s: Restoration efforts in the 1970s and 1980s

    Renovations and Modernisation:

    • 1990s-2000s: Restoration and modernization of the Grand Pier
    • 2008: Reopening of the Grand Pier after major renovations

    Popular Annual Dates at The Grand Pier – Fireworks and more

    • Annual events: Annual firework displays on the Grand Pier
    • Various years: Concerts and festivals held on the pier
    • 2011: Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the Grand Pier
    • 2012: Olympic Torch relay on the Grand Pier
    • 2013: Grand Pier’s 106th birthday celebration

    Challenges and Recovery:

    • 2008-2010: Challenges facing the Grand Pier after the reopening
    • 2010: Fire that severely damaged the Grand Pier
    • 2010-2011: Recovery efforts and fundraising for the pier’s restoration
    • 2010s: Ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the Grand Pier

    Banksy Dismaland 2015 Art Installations and 2022 Pinwheel Windmill Exhibition

    Banksy Dismaland Weston super Mare Video

    Did you know? The staff at the Tropicana were instructed to maintain a certain demeanor and attitude to enhance the atmosphere of the park. The idea was to create a feeling of disillusionment and dissatisfaction, in contrast to the typical cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere of traditional theme parks.

    Each member of the staff received guidance on how to play their roles effectively, as the park was designed to be a satirical take on traditional theme parks and was intended to be staffed by actors who would play the role of unhappy and disinterested employees. 

    Here’s my personal favourites of the different art installations:

    1. Cinderella’s Castle: A twisted take on the classic Disney castle, complete with a rundown appearance and a crashed pumpkin carriage.
    2. The Fire Sale: A sculpture of a truck on fire, surrounded by burnt-out cars and shopping trolleys.
    3. The Little Mermaid: A submerged Ariel sculpture in a dirty tank, with a Burger King crown on her head.
    4. The Model Village: A dystopian miniature model village with grim, realistic details, such as an overturned police car and crowds of protesting citizens.
    5. The Jeffrey Archer Memorial Fire Pit: A large fire pit with a portrait of disgraced politician Jeffrey Archer, surrounded by barbed wire and CCTV cameras.
    6. The Pocket Money Loans: A kiosk that offered loans to children at 5,000% interest rates, with a playful and satirical twist.
    7. The Grim Reaper: A grim reaper sculpture that greeted visitors at the entrance, with a scythe and an “I am an Imbecile” balloon.
    8. The Pinched Pensioner: A sculpture of an elderly woman being attacked by a seagull, with a comment on the struggle faced by pensioners in the UK.
    9. The Crazy Golf: A rundown and dysfunctional crazy golf course, with obstacles that included oil drums, a CCTV camera, and a Guantanamo Bay-style torture chamber.
    10. The Sirens of the Lambs: A truck filled with animatronic plush toys being driven around the park, with a comment on the way we treat animals in the food industry.
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Merry Go Round
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Tropicana Police Van
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Ice Cream Van
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Dismal Staff

    Banksy Bristol Museum 2009 - Exit Through The Gift Shop Ice Cream Van

     “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is a provocative and thought-provoking 2010 film that challenges viewers to question their assumptions about art, authenticity, and the power of creative expression. The ice cream van is just one of many memorable and impactful elements of the film, and it has become an iconic symbol of Banksy’s unique and incisive approach to art and social commentary.

    The film tells the story of a French immigrant living in Los Angeles named Thierry Guetta, who becomes obsessed with filming street artists and their work. Through his camera lens, Guetta becomes friends with several street artists, including Banksy, and eventually decides to try his hand at creating his own art.

    The film is a satirical take on the contemporary art world, and it blurs the lines between documentary and fiction. One of the key plot points of the film involves an ice cream van that Banksy converts into a mobile art installation. The van is painted with a mural depicting Guantanamo Bay, and it is filled with a variety of sculptures and installations that critique the way that the public is manipulated and controlled by the government and the media.

    The ice cream van appears in several scenes throughout the film, and it serves as a metaphor for the way that Banksy and other street artists use public spaces and popular culture to subvert and challenge the dominant narratives of society. The van also serves as a symbol of the commercialization of street art and the tension between art and commerce that is explored in the film.

    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Tropicana Truck
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Tropicana Seagulls Bench
    Dismaland Weston super Mare Banksy Tropicana Aerial View

    Have you ever logged in to your Google Analytics account? Maybe you’ve never heard of it. If you have time, then read how to Verify your website in Google Search Console and Link to Google Analytics DIY. This is essential to outrank other niche local websites and forms part of my audit.

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