SEO Quick Chat – Discovery Call and Business Mentoring Advice

SEO Quick Chat – Discovery Call and Business Mentoring Advice

SEO Quick Chat for 20 minutes – Discovery Call

It’s free to schedule a 20-minute telephone conversation with me for a discovery call.

During our discovery call you’re able to verify my identity and we can both get a feel for what it will be like to work together.

SEO Consultant WordPress Expert 30 Day Booster Ranking Google Search Phrases Freelance Advice UK

  • What experience do I have with WordPress?
  • With eCommerce websites selling UK Nationwide do you have case studies?
  • Do you work with Magento 2, Squarespace, Shopify and Big Commerce?
  • I know nothing! What are search phrases? Please explain
  • Google Analytics is a mystery – please explain
  • What is Google Search Console? Why do I need it?
  • We have been ripped off and we are wary of hiring our next SEO individual
  • Are your reviews genuine? Can I call your clients?
  • Do you offer SEO training? How many hours would it take to teach me?
  • The answers to all of these questions will take an hour to explain, which crosses over into a paid consultation
  • Every month I receive 40-50 requests for a quick chat, this would mean 40-50 hours working at no charge. I offer Zoom business mentoring sessions for website owners who need SEO explaining which takes 60-90 minutes for £70.
  • Claim a 5% discount when you book a £70 Zoom consultation and you come on board as a new client Claim a with my 30 Day SEO Booster

SEO Booster eCommerce Shopify Bristol Consultant UK Freelancer WordPress Google Ranking B2C Small Business SME Somerset Weston super MareZoom SEO Consultations – Business Mentor Website Advice

A Digital Marketing company will offer you free advice over the phone, as a self-employed individual that’s not my business model. As a freelancer, my costs are lower when compared to hiring a marketing team which is why I charge £70 for my Google SEO consultations.

I’m celebrating 13 years’ experience in 2021 and ranking for the following search phrases in Google:

SEO Freelancer UK – page 1, position 1
SEO Consultant UK – page 2, position 7
Zoom SEO consultations UK – page 1, position 1
Wordpress SEO freelancer UK – page 1, position 1
Google Correlate shut down – page 1, position 1
SEO Freelancer Bristol – page 1, position 1

How Much is SEO – eCommerce UK Nationwide vs Local Google Ranking


SEO Business Mentor UK Freelance Consultant Remote SEO Consultations Zoom Skype WordPress Shopify Magento 2Free Google Audit + Recommendations

I will send you a list of recommendations on how to correct errors in Google Analytics and Search Console that you’re probably not aware of. 99 out of 100 clients fail my basic audit – even Digital Agencies.

    Free Google Audit SEO Booster Freelancer UK Consultant WordPress Disavow Ranking Website Redesign Domain Migration

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