Twitter and Facebook SEO

Stats about Social Media and SEO

It was an anonymous UK CEO that stated “We are not set up for this s***.”

Case Study: Virgin Trains vs Twitter
A commuter on a train tweeted that the number 6 carriage on the way to a named destination was in desperate need of the air conditioning to be switched on. People in number 6 carriage were uncomfortable due to the hot weather.
The savvy commuter sent a tweet to Virgin Trains via Twitter, effectively informing them the train time, destination and carriage number was in danger of melting their customers. Instantly, the social media employee placed a call to the driver of the train who communicated with an on-board staff member, who consequently obliged by turning on the air conditioning. One of many happy customers that day.

Fact: O2 employ 8 full time employees for social media marketing [source: Alex Pearmain – Head Of Social Media, O2, UK 2011]

Recent research has led to an almost unbelievable figure of 70% of companies do not respond to a complaint tweet on Twitter.

Personally, I find this abhorrent. There are a range of programs designed to enhance and streamline Twitter feeds, I am a long time fan of Tweetdeck. Any disgruntled customer who sends an instant tweet can be instantly sweetened by a rapid response of acknowledgement, followed up by investigation, and ultimately, resolution.

I offer one-on-one tuition to introduce you to the wonderful world of dialogue in Social Media. Twitter and Facebook are very popular ways to get your unknown brand/company name to be remembered and shared by hundreds, if not thousands of people. Take a step-by-step course where I will hold your hand and help you to learn to do this yourself without the ongoing need of paying for marketing services. Consider running a competition – It’s easy, I promise!

When was the last time you hand wrote a complaint letter and posted it? If you are a business owner you need to throw away your cassettes and Betamax and employ a marketing assistant. Do some research on your competitors. Use search engines for reassurance. Above all do not ignore social media as a primary way to connect with your customers, everyone is sceptical until everyone is on it. Everyone is on it now. Why aren’t you?