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Video SEO - White Hat Backlinks. Who owns YouTube? Google.

Updated from 2011 regularly to keep up to date – I’ve been using VSEO for more than a decade.

Anyone with a Google or Gmail account automatically has a YouTube account waiting to be marketed in search engines. SEO Search Engine Optimisation of your YouTube account is simple, effective, and best of all free.

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Video SEO for eCommerce and Local Google Ranking

From Google Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Video is becoming increasingly common on ecommerce sites. As a site owner, you can use video to give shoppers a deeper understanding of products you sell or build your reputation as a trusted expert. Video can also be prominent in Google Search. By surfacing your video content on Google, you can open up additional paths of discovery to drive awareness of your business and engagement on your site.

Videos can appear on the main Google Search results page or on the Videos tab. Videos are frequently presented with a thumbnail image and other helpful information such as the playback duration and summary text. In addition, Google can now highlight key moments in your video content, allowing users to navigate the video like chapters in a book. When a user taps a key moment, they’ll land on your site where they can begin watching the video from that moment in time.

In addition to the lightning talk, we also updated our Video best practices guide to clarify the most important steps you can take to help Google find, index, and understand your videos. The guide shows you how to: We’ll continue to update this page over time with our latest recommendations, alongside our video structured data guide.

eCommerce SEO Case Studies – WordPress and Shopify

My first eCommerce SEO role was with Funky Pigeon back in 2008, over 13 years ago. Here’s two SEO case studies written in 2020 and 2021:

More than a decade ago, I attended a large Social Media conference in London back in 2011 and my Video SEO (VSEO) methods still apply today in 2021 as a way to attract white hat and safe backlinks.

YouTube and Google employee Bruce Daisley opened up with some astonishing stats.

A massive slice of all future online content will be video content – he was right.

YouTube viewers watch over one billion hours of movies and video content on the platform daily, therefore generating billions upon billions of views as people share their favourite clips to friends (YouTube, 2021).

White hat backlinks 2021 – Video SEO

This is included in my 30 Day SEO Booster Client action:
  1. Create a Google Alert for your homepage URL – You will receive Google Alerts via email when Google indexes and crawls these (and any other) backlinks over time until you decide to stop the service.
  2. Provide 6-9 company images and a Hi-Res logo
  3. Write up to 200 words of sales content as a video description (if applicable, phone number) plus the URL to create backlinks for
I will create your own personal YouTube account that you have full ownership of, produce a bespoke slideshow video unique to you using your company logo & images, then upload to your channel. As part of this task I will distribute your video globally across 11 video sharing websites for further backlinks and a worldwide reach. I will send you a spreadsheet detailing the link URLs direct to your video on each of these movie sites.

Video SEO / Backlinks Tasks

  • Allow me manager access to Google+ Profile and to create your YouTube channel
  • Complete the YouTube profile with a link back to your website
  • Verify your YouTube channel using your mobile number
  • Add a logo / business image and Channel Art
  • Set UK as target country and set channel keywords to match SEO campaign
  • Complete upload defaults and SEO description and target tags
  • Create a slideshow video using software to showcase your company brand
  • Send the raw movie file over to you for amendment / approval
  • Once approved upload to YouTube directly
  • SEO optimise the title, description, keywords and link back to any webpage URL
  • Submit the approved video to other video sharing websites around the world and provide a spreadsheet detailing exactly the location and link to your movie online
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SEO Booster 30 Day Package – No Contract One Off Service

SEO Booster package: This is a complete all-in-one SEO starter package personalised to your site with a 10-point checklist to ensure your website is verified in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa. If you are looking for your website to climb in the search engines with linkbuilding and a marketing strategy at low cost then this is the package for you! This includes a video for effective marketing. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

Double your chances of your website being found by appearing on both, and linking between each other. After all, Google owns YouTube so don’t miss this trick!

Video search engine optimisation (VSEO)

Video search engine optimisation (VSEO) is becoming increasingly popular and if you have a business and haven’t taken advantage of this tool, there’s no time like the present. Did you know that more than 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day?

The popular network has the power to give your business massive exposure and if your video happens to go viral, your company could become the next overnight sensation. Video SEO can help increase the visibility of your video, making it more likely to be seen by your target audience, with the added bonus of adding backlinking and increasing your website’s DA score.

Back in 2014 I was still blogging on the benefits of YouTube Video SEO and I’ll update this blog post again soon.

When people type in Google looking for the keywords of the products or services you offer, the chances of your video getting found in natural organic search is improved vastly when SEO optimisation techniques have been implemented with your YouTube channel that’s verified and connected to your website to prove ownership. So, when people search online for any keywords, your video will appear in Google SERPs (search engine results pages) as well as websites who are ranking in SERPs.

5 Advantages of a YouTube video SEO for your business

  1. In my experience, 90 out of 100 clients do not own a YouTube channel. Be ahead of your competitors, especially sole traders and one-man bands.
  2. Optimising your video with your relevant industry keywords will ensure your video shows up in the search results in Google and YouTube.
  3. Making a personalised video helps you stand out from your competitors, promoting your brand and logo to everyone.
  4. If your video is memorable and well-constructed, potential customers are more likely to share the video with friends. Suddenly, you have a whole new world of fans who are likely to become customers.
  5. Making sure this video is SEO-friendly helps get it found in the first place.You already have a great platform for sharing your video, YouTube. Billions of videos are viewed on the network daily and the site makes it easy to add keywords to your title and description as well as in the keywords tag.
Videos help increase brand awareness. Sharing a video on YouTube that lets people know what your company does, without force-feeding them blatant advertising, will give people who were unfamiliar with your business a great first impression.

Google Analytics and Search Console SEO Audit

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Video SEO - White Hat Backlinks. Who owns YouTube? Google.