SEO Case Studies 2016 – 2020 Google Page 1

SEO Case Studies 2016 – 2020 Google Page 1

WordPress SEO Google Page 1 Case Studies 2016 – 2020

Essential SEO Requirement – Content On Your Website

You must have text on your homepage to rank in Google. As high as possible, not hidden away at the bottom as an afterthought – Google reads every webpage from the top to bottom, and towards the top is the most important.

Content essential SEO weston super mare somerset bristol taunton portisheadI’m writing this blog post as I’m repeating this essential requirement over and over again.

It’s absolutely unavoidable for SEO that you 100% require textual content on your homepage.

It’s impossible to SEO a website without 200-400 words on the homepage. Ideally the minimum is 350 words.

There’s no magic wand, no alternative, no secret tricks or tips – you need text on your homepage for search engines to read and rank – this is not only for Google, but all search engines – Bing! Yahoo. “SEO” = Search Engine Optimisation.

The 4 Second Rule – Impress or Digress

Adding content to your pages, home page and blog articles not only helps Google read how to rank your website, also human visitors can too. Ever got bored going to an online shop and all you have is product photos? No enticing sales call to action? Not telling you the features and benefits of your products and services?

Humans are fickle creatures, if you don’t slap them round the face with exactly WHY they should buy from you, with no phone number or call to action, then they will click and exit your website and go somewhere else.

You have 4 seconds to impress or they will digress.

“It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” — Jeff Eisenberg.

WordPress SEO UK January 2020 Google Page 1 Case Study –

SEO Consultant UK Freelancer Google Analytics Training Rankings Fix Website WordPressMy photography website is so pretty!


I don’t want words on my homepage!

Question: Do you want a pretty website with lots of pretty images and photos and no traffic? Or are you willing to compromise your website aesthetics by adding text and own a profitable online business? It’s all about the money. It’s my job you make you money.

PLEASE NOTE: The following series of case studies are all as a result of implementing my 30 Day SEO Booster for £500

SEO Lady Case Study Freelance Consultant Training 2019

Google Page 1 Position 1 for “CARPET CLEANING WESTON SUPER MARE” 2019

Proof and Case Studies – SEO Benchmarking Keywords

Before I start SEO work with a new client, we sit down, agree the target keywords and search on Google to see where their website currently ranks. This benchmarking acts as proof that the work I do pushes up a website in Google rankings.

Working closely with my clients, I ask them to provide 350 words for their home page and blog posts. I rewrite this text with H1/H2/H3 Headers, internal linking and written in an enticing manner to increase conversions from visitors.

I need text provided by you as I can’t write about your industry – don’t worry about grammar, punctuation or capitalisation as I’ll rewrite your content for Google and your customers!

Case Study: Shoreditch Design Rooms – London

CASE STUDY – check the results for yourself in Google today!

London company –

Before SEO work is carried out & positions 5th April 2017

  • Restaurant Furniture Company London – Not in top 100
  • Bespoke Banquet Seating London – Not in top 100
  • Hotel bespoke seating company London
  • Upholstery Services London – Not in top 100
  • Reupholstery Services London – Not in top 100
  • Furniture Reupholstery Services London – Not in top 100
  • Banquette seating London – Not in top 100

18th May 2017 – 30 Day SEO Booster results and proof

  • Restaurant Furniture Company London – Page 5 position 5
  • Bespoke Banquet Seating London – Page 1 position 9
  • Hotel bespoke seating company London – Page 1 position 3
  • Upholstery Services London – Page 3 position 6
  • Reupholstery Services London – Page 3 position 6
  • Furniture Reupholstery Services London – Page 2 position 8
  • Banquette seating London – Page 1 position 6

Continued: New target phrases 20th September 2018

  • Midcentury furniture reupholstery London – not in top 10 pages of Google
  • Mid Century furniture reupholstery London – not in top 10 pages of Google
  • Mid Century reupholstery London – not in top 10 pages of Google

21st November 2018

  • Midcentury furniture reupholstery London – Google page 1 position 1
  • Mid Century furniture reupholstery London – Google page 1 position 1
  • Mid Century reupholstery London – Google page 1 position 1


  • Mid Century furniture reupholstery – Google page 1 position 1
  • Mid Century reupholstery – Google page 1 position 1

WordPress SEO Wix Website Domain Migration Case Study 2016

Contact JHS Plastering should you wish to speak to him regarding my SEO work – or if you’re looking for some plastering work in Nottinghamshire!

The results? See for yourself. Below you can see how clients have benefitted from adding content to their website pages and blogs with tags and categories.

30 Days SEO Keyword trackingSo now you can see how adding text and content into a website homepage and blog dramatically increase Google rankings for a website.

I don’t know anything about plastering, damp proofing, or screeding, and I was desperate to add textual content to Jason’s new website, so we sat together and he told me the industry terminology and methods he uses, and I rewrote his text for Google SEO.

Jason and I wrote content for the entire website on one 8 hour working day. It was hard work, and we were both exhausted. It takes time to write quality Google content and hit Page 1.

JHS Plastering Testimonial

“We were paying Yell hundreds of pounds in advertising over a number of years, and when I spoke to Nina she explained to me about SEO. As Hibu / Yell own their website platform, I decided to invest in a new WordPress website and Nina worked hard with SEO over the span of a few months and resolved so many other little issues along the way. Soon, we appeared on Google page 1 for a range of keywords, including “Plasterer” and “Damp proofing” in my geographical area.

Nina is always asking me for project work as she likes to post a blog once a month, she won’t stop nagging me until I get before and after photos to her and sufficient text for Google to pick up. I love the fact she is has straightforward no-nonsense approach as you know exactly where you stand!

The amount of money I am saving by not paying Yell, coupled with business enquiries and future bookings I’m working flat out, I’m tired but a very happy customer. I can’t recommend her highly enough – she’s not cheap but the cost is significantly lower than Yell and the enquiries and customers I now get coming to me directly through my website speak volumes of the quality of her SEO skills.”

View the amount of text content at

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