SEO Bristol Freelancer Google Certified eCommerce WordPress Magento

SEO Bristol Freelancer Google Certified eCommerce WordPress Magento

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SEO Bristol Freelancer Weston-super-Mare Somerset Consultant

Living in Weston-super-Mare, a very large town with a population that exceeds 76,000 it has continually perplexed me that there are no specific SEO vacancies. Gaining my experince in SEO was always in Bristol, Bath and Bridgwater as an employee.

2020 eCommerce on-page Case Study – London Jeweller

A high 95% of eCommerce websites don’t have enough textual content, I’ve been repeating myself since 2010 with the same advice – Google can’t read images, only Alt text. If your Alt tags are empty, you’re giving Google a blindfold.

Read the most common eCommerce errors that I’m still teaching a decade later. So many eCommerce websites just present buyers with a grid of images – not exactly conducive to a high conversion rate, time on site or lowering your bounce rate.

Google Search Console – Increase Traffic, Decrease eCommerce Bounce Rate

Below is a screenshot from July 2020 where you can see how the traffic to the jeweller has increased dramatically. I haven’t added any new pages or blog posts, I simply drew up a plan of action to add content, internal links, H1/H2 headers and alt text to images to existing categories, products, the home page and blog.

Bristol SEO Case Study 2020 eCommerce Shopify 10 weeks Google optimisationREMOTE SEO Freelancer vs Employee vs Digital Agency Bristol and Somerset

The bonus of hiring a freelencer is the dedication you will get, the most bang for your buck, plus Bath & Bristol Temple Meads train station is just a few minutes away from Weston-super-Mare for monthly meetings / as and when required.

Following COVID in 2020 it’s been easily demonstrated that remote working is now an accepted thing. Gone are the days when employers did not trust employees hence insisting that they attended the office every day. The brutal rail commutes to and from Bath railway station will remain with me forever. I can work anywhere in the world remotely and this makes me a happy lady.

I can testify that to SEO just one domain/website per month will not take 40 hours a week if it’s a pure SEO and Google content composition role. Paid for advertising – Google Ads – Facebook Marketing – Instagram video promotions may be rolled into the full Digital Manager role but very often each freelancer has their niche skill.

Often I meet employers who have a freelancer for different aspects of Digital Marketing as opposed to one employee sat in a chair Mondays to Fridays. Fancy a chat?

90 Minute SEO Taster Consultations + Google Audit £70

Book a personal Zoom, telephone or Skype 1-2-1 SEO consultation for £70. There are so many scenarios I’m familiar with:

– Google position bombing or stagnant rankings
– Competitor stalking – why are they better than me?
– High bounce rate UX advice needed stat
– New website under 3 months old, what’s next, what can I do?
– Loads of eCommerce website hits but comparatively few sales
– Looking to learn DIY SEO content writing and need guidance

► I will audit your website in Google Search Console and Analytics and create a Cloud document that we can both view and edit in advance of us speaking in person. I will prepare a list of observations and formulate a tailor made plan of action for discussion
► 60-90 informal chat and discussion over the phone or Skype/Zoom
► Following our session, I will provide a list of homework points as a plan of action
► 24 hours email Q&A support

I started with Funky Pigeon in Bedminster as a Google Specialist, followed by an Online Marketing Manager in Bridgwater for Comfy Living and the last full time employee I had was in Bath City Centre for Future Insights, the British arm for the Amercian giants IBM/SAP as the Search Engine Optimisation lead. Although this was a high profile position flying from New York to London to Boston (MA) during conference season, I hated the hotel life and wanted to work from home.

Google Certified eCommerce WordPress Magento – Use your old blog URLs

As illustrated by the case study above, it’s easier to increase search engine rankings by adding SEO text to any web page, or by picking out old blogs and refreshing them and binging them up to date.

Google trusts domains of 2 years of age and older, this also applies to URLs. This URL was first published in 2014 and here I am 6 years later in July 2020 refreshing this blog for the first time with the aim of maintaining my high ranking for SEO Freelancer UK but still aiming for the local Weston-super-Mare, Bristol and Somerset related geographically targeted keywords.

Bristol SEO freelancer Weston super Mare Somerset eCommerce WordPress Shopify Magento by doubling your traffic.” — Jeff Eisenberg.

Contact me for a personal chat about the SEO bespoke plan I can provide to you, I will conduct a free audit. I also deliver SEO training so you can learn my methods in the comfort of your own office. You can also book a full 8 hour day bespoke training course at my Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset home office.

FREE Google Analytics and Search Console Audit + Fixes

Free Google Audit SEO Booster Freelancer UK Consultant WordPress Disavow Ranking Website Redesign Domain Migration

SEO Lady Contact Form – Free Google Audit – 5 questions

  1. What is the domain address and how old is it?
  2. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  3. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  4. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

    Where To Next?

    SEO UK Consultant White Label Agency Freelancer Google Ranking Domain Migration WordPress Website

    Search online for “SEO Freelancer UK” and see my website ranking on Google page 1 at the top at position 1.

    This took 3 years of specific SEO targeting and work to achieve at 2 hours/month working on my own website with my historically tested methods.

    SEO Consultant Freelancer UK Google Website Ranking Digital Manager 202030 Day SEO Full Digital Manager Package – No Contract

    SEO Booster Freelancer UK Consultant WordPress Google Disavow Ranking Website Redesign Domain Migration

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