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Living in Weston-super-Mare, a very large town with a population that exceeds 76,000 it has continually perplexed me that there are no specific SEO vacancies. Gaining my experince in SEO was always in Bristol, Bath and Bridgwater as an employee, always as a Marketing Manager responsible for the entire company.

Lady SEO Sole Trader

As a sole Trader all work is carried out my myself. I am regularly responsive out of office hours.

SEO Bristol Training UK Bespoke In HouseMy clients may Skype video call me, text me,  and even message on Facebook – I’m happy to communicate in any way that you are comfortable with. I have clients that don’t like email and only text me as that’s the only way they know to send photos. I have clients that prefer to conference video call on Skype and I find myself wearing lipstick in my home office and wearing a smart shirt, whilst I still have my PJ’s on …

Cosider A Freelancer Instead Of An Employee

The bonus of hiring a freelencer is the dedication you will get, the most bang for your buck, plus Bristol Temple Meads train station is just a few minutes away from Weston-super-Mare for monthly meetings or as and when required.

I’d love to learn more about your company and present a tailored plan specific for you company at no charge, observations, recommended actions and a competitive SME price.

Contact me for a personal chat about the SEO bespoke plan I can provide to you, I will conduct a free audit. I also deliver SEO and Social Media training so you can learn my secrets in the comfort of your own office.

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