How Much Does eCommerce SEO Cost in the UK?

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Ecommerce SEO UK Freelancer Monthly Costs WordPress Magento

It’s my job to make you money, it’s as simple as that. When you pay an SEO freelancer you’re getting a different experience than with an SEO agency, and always at a lower cost for many reasons; the top 3 I’d immediately identify are the office rental overheads, staff salaries and the bonuses or financial incentives to upsell clients.

Read: My eCommerce Common SEO Mistakes blog post (2020) it’s a lot of consistent work.

I’ve never worked for an agency, but I’ve interviewed at two agencies in Bristol. It was clear that the low salary was enhanced by bonuses and the ‘potential to earn’. To be blatantly honest, I’ve never considered a job at an agency, I’ve been through the complete interview process twice purely to get the insider information as a valuable learning experience. You can ask me questions about this here.

How Much is Ecommerce SEO UK WordPress Freelancer Google Rankings Magento Digital Marketing

How Much Does eCommerce SEO Cost in the UK – 3 Stages

  1. Initial SEO and Google Consultation – £70
  2. 30 Day SEO Booster – £500 with content provided or £700 flat fee with content included
  3. Monthly ongoing SEO – £360 booked as 2 half days a month (2 x 4 hour sessions)

Monthly eCommerce SEO Schedule 2 Half Days – 4 Hours Per Session

The way that it works is that we will agree a day of the week twice a month for your 4 hours. The cost for 8 hours @ £45/hour = £360

  • Client 1: Every Wednesday, 1st and 3rd of the month
  • Client 2: Every Wednesday, 2nd and 4th of the month
  • Client 3: Every Thursday, 1st and 3rd of the month
  • Client 4: Every Thursday, 2nd and 4th of the month – currently available

Benefits: Your 4 hours can be allocated to any SEO tasks. A consultation to discuss anything you like, targeting a featured snippet phrase and sculpting a new blog post to aim to take this coveted speciality top spot, a new product launch needs content writing, an old blog post needs updating, skyscraper SEO content by merging 2, 3 or 4 blogs together and implementing 301 redirects from the unused old URLs to the new one, homepage rewriting, Video SEO, publishing a press release or broadcasting a new headline post on Google My Business and social media updates.

SEO Agencies Charge No Consultation Fees

So you’ve had your complimentary Google audit and you see my recommendations to fix, as a sole trader Freelancer I’m unable to speak to you at no charge due the sheer amount of enquiries I receive via my website contact form.

The other difference between a sole trader SEO freelancer and an agency, the agency will happily spend 2 hours on the telephone with you for free enticing you to choose their company for you to give them your business (and hard earned cash).

As a sole trader undoubtedly you understand that every new enquiry is handled personally by myself. My usual weekly enquiries average of between 4 and 8 requests for my Free Google Audit.

However I can’t speak to everyone at no charge unlike an agency. Each “Quick chat to see whether we can work together” takes an hour – trust me! Once you begin to learn you’ll have a bucketload of questions to ask and you need to schedule in a consultation (below).Free Google Audit SEO Booster Freelancer UK Consultant WordPress Disavow Ranking Website Redesign Domain Migration

SEO Lady Contact Form – Free Audit – 5 questions

  1. What is the domain address and how old is it?
  2. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  3. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  4. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

    Let’s begin with the £70 consultation where we can share screens over Zoom or Skype. This is an unhurried and relaxed way of chatting together and I can answer all of your Google ranking questions. Most sessions are 60-90 minutes and you will witness me live on a video screen making positive changes to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

    This is a one-off discussion session and the information you will learn will definitely be a lightbulb moment!

    My offer of a discount against my 30 Day Booster is a way of recouping your initial cost.

    The 30 Day SEO Booster is a flat fee of £500 if you can provide new website content for me to market, if this isn’t available the bolt-on Google content services is £200.

    I offer a 5% discount on the £500 package when you come on board as a new client

    Following this 4 hours of £45/hour twice a month is £360 and you have the constant reassurance of how I’m working together with you.

    Your Google audit is at no charge, and I’ll indicate which points need fixing via email so you can ask follow up questions. This is your opportunity to decide whether to hire me for £70 with no contract and no obligation.


    Cloud Document Schedule – SEO 30 Day Booster Tasks Available 24/7

    You’ll get a private invitation to view our personalised 30 Day Booster Schedule Google cloud document based on the keywords and notes we discuss during our SEO consultation.

    Google Guarantee? What Do I Get For Hiring a Freelancer?

    Get the kettle on, or pour a glass of wine/beer. Revenue is my direct and primary focus. Read how I demonstrate a 350% revenue improvement from March 2020 – May 2020

    SEO Case Study 2020 eCommerce Revenue and Testimonial

    Bad Backlinking vs Good and Natural Baclinks

    Let me help clear some air here. The whole point of backlinks is telling the search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex) that your content is trusted by many and is worth ranking to the first page.

    Here’s where most of the SEO/Digital Marketing agencies are getting it all wrong. They’ve changed the order of the whole backlinking process in a kind of backwards way.

    Firstly, you create content then promote it by sharing online, social media, reaching out to relevant websites as a guest poster in the hope of accumulating some feedbacks and then think of getting links.

    If you’ve directly jumped to generate backlinks, you’re getting it all wrong. You need a gift, something useful for free, a visual video or a ‘How To’ helpful article.

    Backlinks are digital form of word of mouth, you can’t tell people to talk about you with their friends and family as it simply doesn’t work that way. Word of mouth should always be natural, and the SEO ranking results it produces only works when it’s truly natural. Not forced, like an agency method of sharing on other websites they own, or heaven forbid, a link exchange scheme.

    Video SEO – Natural, Wholesome White Hat Backlinks

    So I focus on creating content (Slideshow videos showcasing your products or services) and creating awesome content that ranks high on YouTube.

    YouTube – The World’s 2nd Most Popular Search Engine

    I would like to go out on a limb and say back in 2011 following a social media conference in London I created the white hat Video SEO backlinking method. I don’t know any other SEO freelancer, individual or agency that does this.

    I attended a large Social Media conference in London back in 2011 and these methods still apply today in 2020 as a way to attract white hat and safe backlinks. YouTube and Google employee Bruce Daisley open up with some astonishing stats. “A massive slice of all future online content will be video content”. A decade later and this still holds true.

    Whether you nod sagely, or shrug indifferently, this is no game of Hide n Seek, the fact that Google owns YouTube and the long term relationship has gone further than carving names in a tree bestows upon the SEO benefits of uploading a video to YouTube as a company brand.

    Video SEO / Backlinks Tasks

    • Instructions on how to track backlinks via Google Alerts
    • Allow me manager access to Google+ Profile and to create your YouTube channel
    • Complete the YouTube profile with a link back to your website
    • Verify your YouTube channel using your mobile number
    • Add a logo / business image and Channel Art
    • Set UK as target country and set channel keywords to match SEO campaign
    • Complete upload defaults and SEO description and target tags
    • Create a slideshow video using software to showcase your company brand
    • Send the raw movie file over to you for amendment / approval
    • Once approved upload to YouTube directly
    • SEO optimise the title, description, keywords and link back to any webpage URL
    • Submit the approved video to other video sharing websites around the world and provide a spreadsheet detailing exactly the location and link to your movie online

    Where to next?


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