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Nina Payne – Live SEO Consultation 60 Minute Zoom Call

Shopify SEO Case Study Digital Marketing Independent freelancer UK Nina PayneEver wondered what to expect from one of my consultations?

We chat for an hour, maybe a little longer if it’s an eCommerce website. We both have the Q&A opportunity with each other and I’m already bursting with questions about your website.

Screen Sharing Consultation – No Webcam required

No webcam is required, we will be simply sharing screens and discussing your Google rankings and conducting competitor research online together.

Zoom SEO Consultations – Read what’s involved.

Try watching my YouTube video of a live 60 minute Zoom consultation then click play below:

I offer trust and confidence to my clients since I formed back in 2008. If you fancy, you can read about my journey to becoming self-employed.

I worked for Funky Pigeon ( the personalised cards website and it took me 11 months to rank the domain to Google page 1 (UK / National) for the 2 keywords “Personalised cards” and to beat Moonpig in rankings, this was as an employee at 40 hours per week. Local SEO is a quicker win of course.

Here’s a brief roadmap of your SEO journey and prices:

  1. Initial SEO audit and Google Consultation –  Includes an introduction to SEO basics to learn a few tips over Zoom screen sharing. Google Analytics and Search console setup included with this remote offer. Most digital agencies fail my Google audit!
  2. 30 Day SEO Booster – Flat fee with everything delivered. I will write Google content on your home page and SEO one new blog post. I also include 5 “Back To The Future” retro-SEO’ing blog posts with Search Engine tags and categories and bring them up to date.
  3. Please note: Tuition not included. Additional SEO training hours can only be booked once the Booster schedule is complete at £70/hour
  4. Monthly ongoing eCommerce SEO contract 6 or 12 months – Full day rate – Your 8 hours can be redeemed for any digital marketing services you desire, most clients prefer – Monthly telephone catchups, or mail Q&A . Content writing/on-page SEO and off-page content marketing [press releases/blogs/Video SEO Backlinks] Ad-hoc Google Analytics reporting. SEO training is included in your contract with this service in one-hour blocks per month.

Thanks for reading! You’ll hear from me shortly.