New Website SEO

New Website SEO Booster Plan

This is an intentive 30 day SEO booster plan specifically for new websites less than 12 months old. For your FREE audit contact me and send over your website URL for a quotation.

I’ll need a few things to provide an accurate cost quotation:

  1. How old is the domain?
  2. How long ago was the website first launched?
  3. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  4. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  5. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  6. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

I am Certified in Google Analytics and Adwords from 2013.

My strategy changes as Google changes, however I have a plan which follows a specific bullet point programme of tasks. You have my support on email / Skype / telephone from the start of the project for the full 30 days.

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Google Strategy SEO Checklist

Each project is bespoke and individually tailor made for your website, as every website is unique, therefore it follows that there cannot be a set price ‘One Size Fits All’.  However the price guide would be minimum of £400. Your website is your shop window, so a mix of marketing advice on layout, plus navigation tips and verification in major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and verification in Alexa.

Ownership Proof and Search Engine Verification Basics

Creating a Google account / Install Google Analytics
Excluding your IP address so your taffic on site does not get recorded
Agree keywords / phrases to target. Benchmark.
Verify in Google Search Console, Bing / Yahoo
Add XML sitemap to Google and Bing

On page SEO

Using the agreed keywords to update content
Using your keywords as H1 Headlines for your home and landing pages
Meta titles, description and keywords tweaked for SEO and visitor experience

Social Media Campaign

Create Twitter and Facebook pages
Verifying your Google+ Profile page to your Google Places and verification via postcard
YouTube channel creation, ‘About Us’ section completed, Channel Art uploaded
Create a Google Blogspot with a link back to your site
On Google Blogger write your first blog post
Sharing socially on your Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook pages
Adding the social URL’s to Google Analytics to track


Adding Goals in Google Analytics
A Goal could be the ‘Thank You’ page when someone has sent a message via your contact form
ECommerce tracking for a sale or purchase, tracking the ‘Thank You For Your Payment’ page


Write an article with a link back to your site
Share article on Blogspot and on PR websites for extra traffic
Create a business profiles in an industry specific directory with a link back to your site

Video SEO

YouTube channel created and SEO optimised
YouTube slideshow video created from your company logo and images
SEO Optimise the title, description, keywords and geographically relevant local areas


Month end reporting, organic keywords, traffic and sources in Analytics
On call support, Skype, telephone & email for 30 days

✓ Google login
✓ Webmaster contact details for web changes OR
✓ Website CMS (WordPress?) login
✓ Company logo JPEG / PNG
✓ Some images of products / services for directories and YouTube (3 to 9)
✓ Generic company contact details, name, address, telephone, sales email
✓ Twitter login and Facebook Administration permission

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SEO Freelancer UK Nina Payne