SME SEO Price Guide

Small Business SEO Price Guide

SEO is not a one-off job, a variety of tasks need to be carried out over time. To understand SEO there are many sources on the internet, and when you learn about SEO probably the first thing is that it’s a continual process.

Each website is unique, so each SEO quote is unique. I get a lot of enquiries asking about a “range of prices for SEO” and that’s not easy to answer.

My 30 Day Booster SEO Schedule Is Essential

My SEO Booster shopping list – I need everything at once before I can begin:

> Top level Google login for Webmaster Tools and Google+
> Company logo and business images
> Your Company Name and description of what your site offers
> Keywords (Max 3) and geographical location (Your local town / city or UK/Global)
> Sales email, telephone, address and postcode, your email
> CMS website login, or your Webmaster’s contact details
> Facebook and Twitter logins

There are benefits of having a one-off SEO Booster Package if your website is brand new, and you only have the budget of a one-off sweep, however what I strongly recommend is a 6 month minimum agreement.

Contact me for a free SEO website audit

Zoom SEO Consultations – UK, Europe and International

Which of the following applies to you?

Google Analytics explained – I don’t know what I don’t know.
My method is to work backwards from your goal – for example
►How many people come to my website from a specific website or source
►I need to understand how to convert my traffic better, my sales are low
►How do I see what keywords people use to visit my site
►Google Webmaster Tools is not linked to my Google Analytics

Traffic Increase – Help me improve
►Your website is on Google page 4 and you desperately need to improve
►A brand new website not even in the first 10 pages of Google
►Old domain that’s a few years old but has never ranked
►Please explain how to maximise my use of meta titles, description and H1 headers

Rankings Recovery from a Google Manual Penalty
►I have bought SEO services from overseas and my site has dropped
►Bad backlinks have resulted in my website disappearing from search results
►I’ve had no SEO work and yet I feel as though I have still been penalised

Any/all combination of the points above, plus your own list of questions

► I will audit your website and create a Cloud document that we can both view and edit in advance of us speaking in person. I will prepare a list of observations and formulate a tailor made plan of action for discussion
►An hour of my time with over the phone or Zoom/Skype
►Following our session I will provide a list of homework points as a business plan of action
►This session includes 7 days email Q&A support

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    I’ll need a few things to provide an accurate cost quotation:

    1. How old is the domain?
    2. How long ago was the website first launched?
    3. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
    4. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
    5. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
    6. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

    2016 Reviews

    Review March 2016 – Still a client in 2020

    “Nina has rapidly increased my search engine rankings. After many years of using international companies unsuccessfully I am now very happy to work with someone in the UK. I hope to have a long, successful relationship together.”

    1weekseo Review 2015 Nina Greaves SEO Reference

    Here’s what you should believe: a great SEO will never charge low prices.

    If you’re hunting for a discount, chances are you’ll end up with an SEO who cuts corners and hurts your site in the long run.

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