Domain Migration Website Redesign Google Rankings SEO Zoom Consultations

Domain Migration Website Redesign Google Rankings SEO Zoom Consultations

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SEO Zoom Consultations Google Maintain Rankings 301 Redirect URLs

Website Domain Migration Redesign Remote Advice

Zoom SEO Consultations have taken a steep increase and have overtaken Skype as the most popular platform for communicating effectively with friends, family and clients. There’s lots of benefits working together with Zoom to fix any of your website issues.

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Ranking Drop After eCommerce Platform Migration

How Much is Recovery SEO for website ranking drop domain migration new website design wordpress magento

It’s a 50/50 chance that clients will contact me in advance of migrating an eCommerce platform, or whether they cry for help following the migration and have discovered their revenue has significantly been reduced, organic traffic is at an all-time low overnight and all of the money keywords and target search phrases for products have bombed.

If you are the latter and I’m here to pick up the pieces, this will take between 4 weeks, 4 months or in more complex cases, an unknown amount of time.

eCommerce Ranking Recovery – 2 week initial timeline – 12 steps

  1. Benchmarking of old and new keyword rankings before work starts
  2. Full Google access for Search Console and Analytics
  3. Telephone or Zoom/Skype Consultation with the business owner and/or website developer who completed the migration
  4. Data mining to verify what steps were made
  5. Old and new sitemap investigation
  6. 301 redirect analysis
  7. Consultation with the developer regarding URL recovery
  8. Search Console and sitemap URL inspection
  9. Wait for 3 days
  10. Checking of benchmarked keywords
  11. Follow up consultation to take stock of the Google results
  12. Ongoing SEO Roadmap of tasks (if required)

As this is a short blast of intense work, time must be scheduled in advance with all parties being available to work together. I’ve been recovering dropped rankings in these situations for over 6 years and across a variety of platforms, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and custom HTML.

Initial 2 week fixed fee: 10 hours @£50/hour = £500

Please note: In some cases the one-off fee and 2 week timeframe is enough. Every website is unique so some websites may require additional SEO in a highly targeted fashion, specifically concentrating on the revenue search phrases that have dropped as a priority.

Send me a message today explaining your situation and the remedies you have already tried.

Platform Migrating Domain or Having a Website Redesign? Retain Your Google Rankings

Recently I have noticed an uplift in the number of clients contacting me for advice in moving from an old domain to a new one. Google doesn’t trust domains until they are 2 years of age, so by swapping domains from an aged one (say 10 years old) to a new one (You’ve just bagged a new one) it’s a 100% given your rankings will bomb and you will disappear from SERPs for phrases that used to rank high on Google page 1.

It’s all about the revenue, making money online isn’t easy, with time and many hours work to demonstrate a success online it’s critical to have a step by step plan in place during the migration process which involves Search Console tools specifically for this purpose.

SEO Freelancer Zoom Consultations

eCommerce Website Help Magento WordPress and Shopify Remote SEO Advice

So, you have an online store and you are going mad because your competitors are ranking higher than you for the same product keywords, time to hire me for a Google audit (99/100 clients fail my audit) and we can chat over Zoom or Skype.

What issues or problems are you having with your website? Whether you haven’t had an SEO before, or have hired a beginner or cheap SEO which has resulted in a Google rankings drop – to having had a redesign and you’ve seen a drop in Search Engine positions or you’ve recently launched a brand new website – I’m here to help.

2020 Reviews and SEO Client Feedback – Freelancer with 12 year’s experience

Read SEO Lady Google Reviews, check my client testimonials and view my feedback on the freelancing website People Per Hour. Trust and confidence at a reasonable cost.

SEO Zoom Consultations Domain Migration Website Redesign Google Maintain Rankings 301 Redirect URLs

SEO Lady Contact Form – Free Google Audit – 5 questions

  1. What is the domain address and how old is it?
  2. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  3. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  4. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

Benefits of SEO Consultations via Zoom

  • The ability to record sessions. I offer a direct We Transfer service with all Zoom consultations, you can choose from an audio only MP3 or the larger file of an MP4 video
  • It’s not necessary to take up internet bandwidth by having a video call, a voice call is a higher quality option during COVID-19 lockdown, there’s been a massive upsurge in users streaming movies or TV programmes to keep entertained. Netflix, Sky and other on demand services often add additional demand to wifi services so keeping it simple with a voice call is recommended.
  • Zoom is available in app stores, it’s a free download and has genuine praise when you read the reviews. Did you know? You can invite up to 100 people to join you – Connect with anyone on mobiles, iPad, iPhone, tablets of all models, MS Windows laptops/PC and Apple Macs.
  • Outstanding customer support, check out their Zoom profile on Twitter

£70 Zoom Remote SEO Consultations UK and Worldwide service

I’ve had consultations with clients from Nigeria, Germany, Spain, France, Thailand, Ireland so booking a remote SEO consultation is easy wherever you live.

In advance of our consultation I need to run a Google audit, I prepare notes in advance of our chat, identify issues that need fixing and prepare questions for you. I also identify areas for improvement based on your Google Analytics and Search Console data.

  • Is Google Analytics installed?
  • Is the website HTTPS?
  • Is the site verified in Google Search Console?
  • {If so} In Search Console are there 4 domains verified?
  1. http:// domain (no www)
  2. http://www domain
  3. https:// domain (no www)
  4. https://www domain
  • Are Google Analytics and Google Search Console linked together to the correct domain?
  • Is Google Analytics configured to the correct URL?
  • In Basic Settings is the Currency setup correct to £British Pound?
  • In Basic Settings is the check box ticked to block known bots?
  • Is your IP address blocked in Google Analytics to show only visitor’s clicks?

April May 2020 COVID Corona Virus SEO Performance

Here’s a selection of my latest reviews and customer feedback when working with lockdown in mind! Contact any of the clients you see whom are associated with my work.

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