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Matthew Carpenter Rightway Building Services 2018 - promise of receipts

Matthew Carpenter 07954 601075 – 5 Dentwood Grove Bristol BS9 2QH

Long story short, paid over £10,000 for building works to be carried out to my property and was overcharged so I logged on to the Government Small Claims Court to reclaim the £500 overpayment and Matthew Carpenter began a false negative Google Review campaign for my company.

December 2018 – Paid

Below is proof that the bailiffs were sent to recover the overpayment.

Bristol Civil Court reported to me that the bailiffs visited in October 2018 and were told that Matt Carpenter had moved address 6 months prior.

This would have been March 2018 when he was in the middle of working on my property.

This was not the truth, so I instructed Bristol Civil Court to revisit in an evening which was a success and Matt Carpenter was identified and served the Court Order to pay.

Rightway Building Services Matt Carpenter Court OrderDon’t Even Try To Hide It (Fake Google reviews for my business)

3 1-star reviews in under 24 hours:

Matthew Carpenter Small Claims Court CCJ Rightway Building Services Google reviewsHe’s almost impossible to find online, even his Facebook page has been deleted

No Invoice, Missing Receipts and No Breakdown of Costs

We have paid a total of £10614.81 of which £7650 was labour costs that we are happy with and are not disputing.

This leaves a total of £2964.81 for materials of which we have been given receipts for £2797.76.

Of the receipts we have been given there are queries on a jewson one for £208.50 which is actually a price enquiry not an invoice and there is an actual receipt for similar items a couple of days later.

There is also a charge on a different receipt for a stepladder that has been bought for £92.

The difference between the amount paid and receipts given, plus the 2 mistakes is a total of £467.55.

We have not had an invoice for the whole job despite his repeated promises

Screenshots from Whatapp Matt Carpenter 2018

Matthew Carpenter Rightway Building Services 2018 - promise of receiptsMatthew Carpenter Rightway Building Services Receipts 2018Poor Communication and Days Off With 8am Notice

When you know you are not going to be in work you always give people enough notice, well I do. We were left frustrated on many days when Matt would WhatsApp at 8am and cancel on serval occasions

Matthew Carpenter Rightway Building Services Day Off 8th March 2018Poor Communication – What Would You Do If 3 Tonnes of Sand Turned Up?

Matthew Carpenter Rightway Building Services Bad Communication
Honestly I had no idea what to say when the delivery driver turned up before 8am and asked me where I wanted the sand. What sand? Don’t know anything about any sand?

Small Claims Court July 2018

Matthew Carpenter signed my recorded delivery letter in which I wrote and said if he is not able to provide receipts and an invoice / breakdown of costs I would take legal action. No response.

Matthew Carpenter Small Claims Court CCJ Rightway Building Services Royal Mail Signature

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