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SEO Freelancer Costs UK – Google Ranking Roadmap Prices for WordPress Ecommerce Websites or Local Geographical Services

It’s funny how SEO and Digital managed agencies are coy about their website costs, isn’t it? As a freelancer I’m so much more flexible than any web agency, for a start I don’t legally tie you down to a 12 month contract.

As a sole trader, I understand the budget constraints of similar businesses. From dog trainers to global training schemes; my company was founded in 2008 and I’m celebrating 50 years of age in 2021. I’m here to stay as I prove time and time again my methods work.

SEO Freelancer vs Digital Managed Agency Team – The Differences

This is where the 2 roles are night and day. A digital agency team will focus on backlinks, whereby I SEO superior quality content that’s unique and handwritten. Oh, then there’s the cost!

You would pay an agency between £700-£1,500/month and they tart up your website design to impress you with super photos and scrolling design. A freelance SEO will focus on the compromise between flashy website graphics and providing relevant content for Google and Bing/Yahoo.

What’s a Featured Snippet Look Like? How Much Does It Cost?

It’s free! the content required for a featured snippet means humungous work with creating exciting new & unique content, a slapping call-to-action, and at least 1,500 words. Then there are images and a YouTube video (remember Google owns YouTube) it’s a multi-faceted approach that requires a few hours and good collaboration.

Are you up for the challenge?

Skyscraper Content – 1,00 words or more – An SEO freelancer will write awesome Google page 12 content for £90-£250 per page (between 2 hours and 5 hours with unique content and 1,000 words+).

An agency won’t charge you; or provide a cheap copywriting service for £25/page. You get what you pay for, 250 words of tosh and generic script.

SEO Freelancer Prices and Cost with Roadmap Journey in Months

Here’s a brief roadmap of your SEO journey and cost breakdown:

  1. Initial SEO audit and Google Consultation – £70
  2. 30 Day SEO Booster – £500 with content provided or £700 flat fee with content included
  3. Monthly ongoing eCommerce SEO – £360 booked as 2 half days a month (2 x 4 hour sessions)
  4. Local SEO geographical radius targeting (non eCommerce) villages/towns/cities from £100

In summary, a local services website geographically targeting towns and one city will be £100-£150/month after our consultations and 30 Day SEO Booster.

  1. £70 for a 90-minute consultations. Agencies will give this for free.
  2. £500 for my exclusive 30 day SEO Booster with exclusive Video SEO
  3. Ongoing monthly: from £100, to mtach your budget

WordPress, Magento 2 and Shopify eCommerce websites:

  1. £70 for a 90 minute consultations. Agencies will give this for free.
  2. £700 for my exclusive 30 day SEO Booster with exclusive Video SEO and content written by myself targeting the keywords and search phrases we agreed in writing
  3. Ongoing monthly: Fixed fee = 2x half days [4 hours] so 8 hours per month = £360
  4. Your 8 hours can be redeemed for any digital marketing services you desire, most clients prefer – Unlimited telephone consultations every month, or scheduled Zoom video calls. Content writing/on-page SEO and off-page content marketing [press releases/blogs/video seo] Ad-hoc Google Analytics reporting and casual Google Ads observations.

I’ve got 12 years SEO agency exposure under my belt, so I know how much profit margin SEO Agencies cost versus being self-employed. Agencies naturally demand higher overheads than a sole trader like myself working from my home office supervised by Ozzie.

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You can communicate with me in more ways than any agency – I regularly chat with my clients over Whatsapp, Skype messaging, Zoom video conferencing, Telephone consultations, and of course email support with 24 hour guaranteed response for website hacking/down/breaking.

Benefits of hiring a SEO Freelancer – SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies staff members are on financial incentives both team and individual bonuses every month. You’ll be getting a comparable service from myself, as a responsive individual, than waiting for a Team Member to return your call or answer your email.

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