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SEO Training Days – Great Britain UK Wide Travel

Small Business Specialist with 30 Day Support. One on One coaching. UK in house training provider with a Nationwide service. This is a full 8 hour day for one student. Let’s chat

Benefit from decades of experience in SEO training with Magento 2, Shopify and WordPress with small businesses. I also white label my freelance SEO services with web development companies. I offer a 360 degree SEO course delivered bespoke to your company website, industry and target audience one on one.

SEO – Google and Bing Optimisation Tuition (for one person) from £1,000 plus travel / B&B if not in Weston-super-Mare. Please note: Additional delegates £500 per person.

You’ll benefit from one on one communication, a free website audit in advance, personal one to one training on the day and something most companies do not offer – 30-days follow on support.

If you are too busy to learn DIY SEO, hire me on a freelance basis to work behind the scenes on your behalf. I also offer white label ad-hoc Digital Marketing for several Digital Agencies around the country, from London to Northern Ireland.

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Bespoke SEO Training Courses

Each training schedule is built to your business and there are many elements included in my tuition packages, but one essential is a dealbreaker – the student MUST be able to write long passages of coherent and grammatically correct content. This can be done in stages of 500 words per article, or clearing your diary and writing blogs with 1,000 – 2,000 words in great detail.

Zero copy and paste is allowed, either from your own website, or from another URL that’s live on the internet. If you are sharing a newspaper article featuring your business, you will need to backlink to the article or homepage.

You can use free internet tools like Siteliner if you are currently paying a copywriter to work with you, I have found some article agencies target niche industries – the one that comes to mind most recently is an Estate Agency who paid for 120 blog articles over 18 months, only for me to discover the same articles are shared on other people’s blogs, or worse still stolen from a social media post

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30 Days Follow On Support – Email and Telephone

Connect with me after the training event with follow on questions on the points raised on the training schedule. This includes telephone support (maximum of 2 hours to be pre-booked) and email responses (fair use applies). I’m happy to work with you on an hourly rate for additional and follow on tasks that were not covered in the training session.

Funky Pigeon vs Moonpig SEO – Full time employee in Bedminster, Bristol

Back in 2009, around the 10 month mark of my employment, the Funky Pigeon website had overtaken Moonpig in Google rankings to the top organic position of Google page 1 (below the ads, organic ranking). Then a series of events would shape my career to where I am today – working from home managing around 30 clients a month.

Moonpig was a greetings card affiliate with WHSmith for many years, then their way of trading evolved and they no longer wanted to sell cards via affiliate websites. Ultimately this resulted in a WHSmith bigwig opening a browser and typing in the 2 word phrase “Personalised Cards”, discovering Funky Pigeon looked perfect as a new supplier and contacted the CEO. The end result was that WHSmith bought out Funky Pigeon and I started my own business as a sole trader.

In my career I’ve worked with Rated People UK, Glastonbury Glamping and ranked hundreds of eCommerce clients in Google selling UK nationwide on Magento, WordPress and Shopify platforms. My skills are fluid and transferable no matter which platform you use, I’ll rank anything from handmade chocolates, portable toilets to local builders. I’m also a huge music fan and used to be a 12″ vinyl DJ over 2 decades ago..which is why I particularly understand wedding entertainment and live music industries. 

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Google Ranking Starts Here

Schedule in a telephone chat or complete the contact form below:

    Somerset, Bristol and South West UK SEO Training

    Training for local businesses in Somerset can be arranged at my home office, I’m based in central Weston-super-Mare right across from the train station for easy commute from local areas such as Bristol, Taunton, Bridgwater, Wales, Gloucester and Somerset. Send me a message with your website address to begin.

    You’ll benefit from one on one communication, a free website audit in advance, personal one to one training on the day and something most companies do not offer – 30 day email and scheduled phone support.

    • How to research the correct keywords for your business
    • Blocking your own visits in Google Analytics leaving you with accurate visitor data
    • Verify your website in Google, Bing / Yahoo
    • Ensure your content is clean with Headers and matching meta tags
    • Google Search Console overview and connecting with Google Analytics
    • Connect and verify your website with Google Business (Google Maps)
    • Google Analytics training for simple traffic reports, monthly email set up
    • Introduction to Google Blogger and the clear advantages of all Google products
    • Insight into YouTube and how to push your website up with a 5-point secret plan
    • Ongoing weekly SEO tasks as homework to push your business higher in SERPs

    Even if you know absolutely nothing about SEO, or have read about “meta tags” but don’t understand, every single hour is personalised to your ability and company requirements.

    I’ve trained in Wales, throughout the UK and delivered a training class to a room full of 10 web designers in Ireland – any size company, SME owners or as a team with many delegates.

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    Google Ranking On-page and Off-page SEO

    Page sculpting for SEO is a practiced art. Your training day will include a 10-point plan to writing  perfect Search Engine content, I call it ‘Google Food’. Writing new content as a blog post or creating new pages on your website follow the same rules.

    eCommerce – Shopify, Magento 2, WordPress and Kajabi websites

    In my opinion WordPress is the most popular and globally-renowned platform with unrivalled SEO capabilities. Short term SEO wins can be demonstrated for locally targeted search phrases which may take longer with heavyweight platforms such as Magento 2.

    Sculpting WordPress blog posts with tags and categories comes second nature to me and I’ll easily show you how to rank swiftly for long tail search terms to prove that quick win SEO techniques do exist, and longer term SEO must be applied together with patience and decication for UK Nationwide search terms. It is possible to rank in 30 days, but it’s my job to manage your expectations. There’s no cheating!

    What would you like to learn about SEO?

    Have you just discovered what SEO is and are keen to learn the basics? It can be as straightforwards as sending one member of staff to report back to your employees and pass on what was said on a course the day before, consider an in-house training day that promises to enlighten in a language you can understand, demonstrate specific recommendations for your website and inject a little bit of fun into the day.

    I have enjoyed being in sales and marketing since 1992. Times move on from telesales and print advertising.

    Since COVID, printed advertising has moved over incredibly fast to online avenues; to sell successfully you no longer have to be on the high street, or indeed, own a shop.

    Likewise, I have moved in parallell with this trend, entering the online marketing sector back in 2004 and naturally learning about online marketing techniques before I knew my new skills were called Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has a niche arm referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and to date I have proved solid results for a broad range of different industries online. Do check out my references.

    There are millions of companies that purely sell over the internet, and competing with other ecommerce sites with a new website understandably raises concerns of longevity. At the core of any website is the need to provide revenue to maintain presence, from charities to sporting sites offering fans the opportunity to buy branded products, to recruitment and even niche websites providing a specialist item or service.

    For a day rate I will need some information from you:

    • Your website URL(s)
    • Your competitors
    • The office location (for travel costs)
    • Target keywords (if known)
    • Number of staff attending
    • Details of previous SEO work carried out
    • Administrative access to Google Analytics (if installed) for the SEO audit
    • A brief outline of what you are looking to achieve

    Easy, yes? I’ll need a few things to provide an accurate cost quotation:

    • How old is the domain?
    • How long ago was the website first launched?
      Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
    • When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
    • Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
    • What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

    SEO Content Copywriter