SEO Tips 2020 UK Freelance Consultant Advice

SEO Tips 2020 UK Freelance Consultant Advice

SEO Tips 2020 UK Freelance – Mentoring and SEO Training

Google page 1 is always the aim of Search Engine Optimisation, however there is no indication of timescales and no predictions or promises can be made from any SEO company with regards to predictions of keyword rankings. 

There is no way to manipulate Google, only to ensure your website is compliant with recommended practices as laid out in the Google Webmaster Tools Blog.

Google search for “SEO Freelancer UK” and you will see my website on Google page 1, Position 1


This specific phrase I had worked on constantly for 18 months until April 2019 when I leapt from Page 1, position 8 to the top spot.


SEO TIPS 2020 Freelancer UK Consultant Remote Training Google Ranking Digital Marketing

SEO Consultant UK Freelancer – Over 50% Increase In Website Traffic

My latest client and I have been working together for 12 weeks and here’s a snapshot of the improvement in website traffic.

SEO FREELANCER UK CONSULTANT 2020 Google Analytics Nina PayneHow did I do this? Quite simply, blogging. WordPress is the globally renowned platform with superior SEO capabilities, using a combination of Skyscraper Content (more on that below) with keyword rich tags and categories and full use of the ALT tags on site, a huge 57% performance has been demonstrated as you can see from the screenshot above.

2020 SEO On Page Content and Skyscraper Blogs – Google Food

I’ve been teaching SEO since 2008 so that’s 12 years of experience I’ve built up, every SEO consultation is unique as every website is unique. My methods evolve as Google’s algorithm changes frequently. Back in 2008 backlinks were a sure fire way of ranking a website high to page 1 and in a very short space of time. Now in 2020 “Content Is King” remains the phrase to remember.

How Many Words Content Do I Need Per Page for Google Ranking?

Google indicates 400 words content for the homepage and slightly less for blog posts, Skyscraper SEO Content is described as being 1,000 words, see my 1,500 word blog article on SEO Rome which is Google page 1 UK Nationwide for “SEO Rome”.

SEO 2020 Tip – Merge 3 or 4 short blogs to one skyscraper article

Last year I was working on a Glastonbury Glamping website and the client had provided a humongous 2,500 word article which was outstanding Google Food as a result of publishing the blog on the website the rankings jumped up 5 places from Google page 2 up to Google page 1

SEO 2020 Tip – Use Google Search Console URL Inspection

All new content, whether newly written content, or amended content bought up to date with changes – always remember to login to Google Search Console and ask for a URL Inspection which takes about 90 seconds.

SEO 2020 Tip – HTTPS means you have 4 website properties

In Google Search Console go ahead and add all 4 versions of your website domain, you will have 2 HTTP and 2 HTTPS



SEO 2020 Tip – Link Google Analytics to Google Search Console for Data Reporting

In Google Analytics you may see that you have 200 visits a day, when in reality 100 clicks maybe yourself (and your staff).

You need to generate accurate visitor data to learn about behaviour, bounce rate, time on site, if you are on your website your bounce rate will be false and low (say 15%)

Dirty Google Analytics Results – Clean Up Your Data – Block Your Own IP Address

Here’s how to get accurate data blocking your clicks and known bots from dirtying your results.

TO BEGIN: Log in to Google Analytics and go to Admin > 3rd menu on the right hand side > All Website Data > View Settings

Here you can check the radio box to block known bots from registering as visits

Also block your own visits in Google Analytics, again, Admin > All Website Data > Filters

Open a new tab and search online for “What’s my IP” and copy that

Back to GA and click the red button ‘Add filter’
Create a new filter and give it a name e.g. Home or Office etc
There’s 3 drop down menus and 4 steps:

  1. Exclude
  2. [Select source or destination] ‘From the IP address’
  3. Exact Match (unless you are on a dynamic IP instead choose ‘That begin with’)
  4. Save

SEO 2020 Tip – How To Write a Blog Post

BEFORE you start writing your blog post you must decide what search phrase you are targeting, otherwise you are blogging blindly.

Let’s say I am writing a blog post on “SEO Tips 2020” then I would use these keywords in:

  • Page meta title
  • The beginning of the page URL
  • The start of my H1 Header
  • Contained within H2 Headers lower down

Blog Page Sculpting in WordPress 2020

  1. The page title – and the URL This is referred to as an SEO-friendly URL with the most important keywords first
  2. Best practices say a Meta Title should start with your target search phrase and  be around 70 characters
  3. Your H1 should feature your target search phrase at the beginning – Google takes more notice of keywords at the beginning of page titles, URLs and Headings
  4. Your meta description is between 150 and 160 characters in length which can be manually added in Yoast if you are a WordPress user
  5. Your meta description should be written in an exciting and enticing manner, ending in a sales call to action (your phone number, free shipping, a promotion etc) after all, this is what people read in SERPs before they even click on to your website
  6. A headline and sub headers – H1, H2, and more, again, start with your target search phrase
  7. Use Alt tags on images – you’ve guessed it, begin with your target search phrase
  8. Alt tags should have keywords first and brand name last – in order of importance
  9. Keyword rich text – Content is King, write for readers, not Google, avoid repeating keywords/ Blog posts can have skyscraper content of thousands of words as previously stated
  10. WordPress users should add keywords in Tags and Categories. Go to town.

How to hire an SEO – YouTube Video by Google HQ

Backlinks – Good for Google?

Yes of course, but paying for backlinks to be adding 50 at a time is a massive indicator to Google you are trying to skew results and manipulate rankings.

You can check your current backlinks with the FREE AHREFS BACKLINK CHECKER online (their services are mostly paid for so this is a handy resource).

Basic SEO Consultations £70 – Answer these 5 questions below:

  1. How old is the domain and when was the website first launched?
  2. Have you had any previous SEO work carried out?
  3. When people use Google what search phrases would you like clients to use to find your website?
  4. Do you rank in Google already for any of these search phrases?
  5. What top 3 geographical areas are you wanting to target?

    Google+ Business Pomotional Posts – Not Everyone Knows This Trick

    1. Google search for SEO LADY on desktop
    2. On the right hand side is my Google+ Profile
    3. Scroll down to read my 48 reviews, underneath there is my latest promotional post and then there’s a link to my website to learn more
    4. Google search for your brand name
    5. Do you see your reviews and posts? If not, this is an opportunity to promote your company on Google+ Business that not many people know about
    6. Here’s my SEO Freelancer UK Nina Payne Google+ Page

    SEO 2020 TIP – WordPress Users and Importance of Alt Tags

    Alt tags are often overlooked, I often say to my clients wo have booked an SEO Consultation with me to “Go to town” with the keywords in an alt tag. Don’t repeat things like ‘SEO freelancer SEO Consultant SEO Lessons’ and duplicating the keyword ‘SEO’ – just once is enough.

    Write down your target search phrase – using my example of “SEO Tips 2020” then add extra keywords after this, use CTRL+C to copy the line of words and insert the phrase by copying and pasting throughout your WordPress library in half a second. You can optimise 100 images in your media library in a matter of minutes.

    SEO Consultant Freelancer Remote Training Coaching Business Website Local eCommerce Google Marketing Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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