Google Correlate will shut down on December 15th 2019 as a result of low usage

Google Correlate will shut down on December 15th 2019 as a result of low usage

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Google Correlate – Keyword Research Tool Part of Trends

Google Correlate is to be discontinued at the end of 2019

Back in 2008 I was working as a full time employee for Funky Pigeon in a 360 degree Digital Marketing Manager role based in Bristol. I was but a young fledgling 30-something new hire, keen and eager to succeed and learn on the job.

The SEO duties were not laid out as bullet points in the advertised job posting, in fact the company was in the midst of rebranding from the old domain Remind4U and it was my place to migrate from this old domain (to the new one that we all know and love as such this was my first domain migration and a very much enjoyable seat of the pants experience.

Once the new website design was uploaded to the new domain the Director pulled me into his office one sunny afternoon and instructed me to open a Google Adwords account to get the word out as fast as we could to as many buyers as possible. I had a little experience with Adwords with the company I had previously worked with, and I used Google Trends as a keyword research tool at that time.

Google Correlate shut down on December 15th 2019 as a result of low usage

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    Google Trends

    This is a neat little invention, I found it fascinating to spot new “hot” trends. Some of you may already know that I was deep in my hobby as a 12″ vinyl DJ during this time and music was, and still is, a huge part of my life.

    When Duffy – Mercy hit the charts at number 1 it stayed there for 5 weeks and was in the UK charts for a total of 57 weeks. Google Trends saw a huge spike and then a predictable dip as time went on.

    Google Correlate is part of Trends

    Visit Google Trends today – you can even see data for a year in Search so that you can view what was trending on Google by year – here’s a snapshot of 2008

    Google Correlate will shut down on December 15th 2019 SEO FREELANCER UK CONSULTANTSearching for Duffy – Mercy displays a popularity graph and related keywords. These related keywords are what helps when researching target Google search phrases for SEO ranking.
    Google Trends 2008 Mercy Duffy Google Correlate shut December 2019 SEO FREELANCER UK CONSULTANT Nina Payne

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