Why You Need To Migrate To HTTPS

Why You Need To Migrate To HTTPS

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Google Chrome Marks All HTTP Websites As Insecure

I’ve been nagging my clients for over a year now to migrate to HTTPS as there is documented evidence from Matt Cutts and Google that it makes a positive difference to SEO and ranking search terms in Google

UK Host 34SP Explains In Detail

I’ve been with Manchester-based hosting company 34SP for 10 years as it’s beneficial for SEO to use a host that’s in your country of residence, as opposed to cheap overseas hosts. Here’s their latest blog post describing why you need to migrate to HTTS.

A timely reminder from Let’s Encrypt this week as the world’s most popular web browser is now warning users about all none HTTPS sites:

July 24th saw Chrome make the long awaited move that’s been slowly coming for a couple of years now. From July 25th onwards, if your site has a form on it and isn’t on HTTPS, Chrome will alert the user to your site being insecure.

To put this into perspective, some sites put the total usage stats of Chrome as high as 80% of the browser market!

Even conservative reports rate Chrome usage as more than 60%. That means if you haven’t yet updated to SSL on your site, at least six out of ten users of your site are receiving an error message the moment they load it up:

With today’s increased focus on security and web safety, this almost certainly means a portion of your site’s potential users and traffic are simply quitting your site in favour of an error free (SSL enabled) competitor.

HTTPS Google Chrome Host MigrationThe simple fact is websites that are not SSL enabled will start to see a marked decline in traffic and usage. Expect to see this accelerate from this point as well.

There’s no reason not to make the move: SSL is free on all 34SP.com hosted sites.

If you’ve still not made the jump, check out their guide here.

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